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Starks Knights Persistent World Clan

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Prince Apollo said:
Hannibaru, why are you still here. You are clearly unwanted. Please hang urself. Danke.
Wow what a mature person making jokes about suicide, kind person you must be!
The_Troubadour said:
Will there be roleplaying
Yeah the whole thing is roleplay (-:

drunkenbabies said:
did i come late for the fight, guys?
No add me any time and join in (-:

Rhade said:
If I join can I roleplay to have a husband in another faction and we have an epic saga about the strains that places on our love and devotion for each other?

My heart is really set on this.
Lol. Add me and you can join (:

Guys check out the event time table (: Hope i see you all on steam

Look what magic I did! 4 posts squeezed into one! Take note and don't double triple quadruple post again. //Alene
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