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Hello everyone. We are the Starks Knights clan and we have around 20 members at the moment. We play persistent world most of the time which is a mod which allows you to fight other factions with your friends and fight to have control over the world. We also have events against other clans but they are not regular as our main focus at the moment is the Persistent World mod. Most of our members are either Eu or Na and our most common time zones are GMT and PST although anyone from any time zone is welcome. I myself am in command of the Eu section and I host a regular training for them at 7pm GMT on a Friday although PST guys are also welcome to come along. We encourage our members to go on our PW server as often as possible and try and loot as much materials as they possibly can. As a clan we show no mercy to other factions and any prisoners will be executed. For information on our Units see below:

Knights- (No longer available)   
Master Smith
Priest (Christian)
Priest or Priestess

In our clan the ranking system is simple. Knights are counted as nobles and are given commissions to command other units. Infantry and Archers and Cavalry  must prove themselves to be skilled in their profession. If they are worthy then they are respected and can sometimes command small units of Militia. If you feel that you are not skilled enough to become an archer, infantry or cavalry then you will become a Militia. As a Militia you will have lower expectations but you must still try your hardest and you still command respect from Workers, Master Smiths and Craftsmen ect. If you are not so talented in fighting then you might want to become a Doctor, Worker, Farmer, Herdsman or Craftsman. They all work hard and get paid a considerable amount of cash for their work. Also if you want to have fun preaching on the battlefield then you should become a Priest. Here is a list of the titles and the pay of the different units:

Knight - Sir_Name_Last Name pay 800
Infantry - Name_Last Name pay 800
Archers - Name_Last Name pay 800
Scouts - Name_Last Name pay 800
Craftsmen- Name_Last Name Pay 400
Worker- Name_Last Name Pay 200 and whatever they make
Militia- Name_Last Name Pay 200 and whatever they make
Master Smith _ Name_Last Name Pay 800
Priest (Christian) , Priest , Priestess - Name_Last Name pay 0 they get donations
Herdsmen -200 plus whatever they make
Craftsmen - 200 plus whatever they make
Doctor - Name_Last Name pay whatever they charge
Last Name is optional

If you are interested in joining us add me on steam: Sir_Major_Lord

Also add: Duchess Of Silesia Ashtyn Stark

Also we play on a PW roleplay server. If any of you don't want to join the clan but still want to play PW then I recommend Eu_FeudalGaming

Also we now have a event time table!

Monday-Thursday: all day PW

Friday: 8pm GMT 12pm PST, 2pm CST PW group battles and tax collecting

Saturday: 7pm GMT, 11am PST, 1pm CST Napoleonic Wars Event Line battle/Siege

Sunday: 7pm GMT, 11am PST, 1pm CST Napoleonic Wars Event Line battle/Siege

The History Of the Starks Knights

The Starks Knights were first founded in the year 1100. King Henry 1 was getting worried that his enemies were gaining in power. He did not feel that he could trust any of his men to fight and die for him if the time came that he needed to be defended. He searched for years in vain for a company that had set themselves apart from all others, a company that he knew would fight for him until the very end. After a while he grew restless and started asking his friends and allies for suggestions. One of his Lords suggested that Henry could create a new company and ask every other company to send their best man to join this elite group. Henry was very taken to the idea and did what his Lord had said. He asked the Lord if he knew anyone worthy of commanding the company. The Lord thought for a while and then told the King of a Duchess by the name of Stark. The Lord said that the Duchess was the finest commander on the earth and said that the Duchess lived in a faraway country of Silensia. The King hastened to find the Duchess and after many years of searching finally located the legendary commander. After that King Henry’s company won every battle that they fought and were beginning to be known as the Starks Knights after the commander. The King was very pleased with the company and told the Lord that had come up with the idea that he would be welcome to join the company and help the Duchess command the troops. The Lord was delighted. He was later known as Sir Major Lord and helped the Duchess win every battle. In 1800 the Starks Knights are still fighting but are now known as the SK (Starks Knights). For this elite company the war will never be over until their enemies are vanquished and peace restored to the land. The fight continues.


Master Knight
If I join can I roleplay to have a husband in another faction and we have an epic saga about the strains that places on our love and devotion for each other?

My heart is really set on this.
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