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Star Wars Spin off: Rogue One.

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It still looks significantly better than Force Awakens to me.
Gotta wonder what they changed with those reshoots though. Since a lot of the scenes in this trailer were also shown in the previous one.
Like how much different in tone and atmosphere is the actual movie going to be?


Scorpia said:
they were hoping to get Tarkin back in it. Even though hes dead, they were creating a CGI recreation of him, like they did with Paul Walker


Radalan said:
It still looks significantly better than Force Awakens to me.

I really enjoyed the Force Awakens, but I appreciate that they are trying to make Rogue Wun into it's own thing. I think their best option is to make an entirely different kind of Star Wars movie. Make the film more "Action" than "Adventure."

Apparently, I spoke too early about John Williams - this will be the first Star Wars film that he doesn't score, and I think that could also help this movie differentiate itself from the originals (and hopefully, from the prequels too  :razz:).



Looks like the Star Wars universe finally discovered RPGs. How would you stop that with a lightsaber?


Whoop whoop. Final trailer. Still looking better than Force Awakens.

I really like the art design. Looks like someone decided that they should put some grit into it.
Remember those silly space pirates in Force Awakens? Imagine if they would have looked like this instead:


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Adorno said:
Is Mads Mikkelsen a good guy? That can't be right  :razz:

Someone at some point really needs to use his string of villain castings to their advantage and surprise everyone by having Mikkelsen be the surprise hero.  :razz:
He was a good guy in the Hunt. Maybe he can have a small subplot with baby Jan Ors (or whatever Felicity Jones is called)  :razz:


Cool Hand Luke
We have once again concluded that we cannot have a Star Wars plot without it being a goddamn arbitrary family tie that "raises the stakes" for the hero. I am disappointed.


Leifr Eiríksson said:
$$$ going down on Vader ****ing up Ben Mendelsohn for failing to secure the Death Star plans.
****ing stoked.
Yeah, my thoughts after seeing the the end of that trailer, with that clip of Vader walking towards the defeated-looking Krennic, were basically "What are the odds Vader does for Krennic right after that." :lol:
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