Star Wars D6 - Taleworld Shennanigans


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The plot so far

In what seemed like a routine trade agreement meeting, disaster struck! Our intrepid heroes were ambushed! What seems to be an elaborate plot unfolded. The embassy emptied out, the security detail gone, and random tremors. Our young senator, Berlun Vasculari, and his bodyguard Vram Raganosis and the Bothan pilot, Jastra Giska'rob were getting an uneasy feeling. They tried to slip away when the wall exploded, and an assassin killed Senator Reynauld by shooting him in the face. A short firefight ensued and Vram was able to shoot the assassin in the back. The assassin escaped in a speeder that was waiting for him, and he escaped. All of the standard recording devices were already damaged, or had their memory altered. The local holonet news channel received footage that shows Senator Vasculari and his entourage murdering Senator Reynauld in cold blood. They managed to escape the planet Argos...

Their only hope? A hidden recording device they recovered. While damaged, it still could hold the evidence of their innocence...


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Well at least I got to shoot someone. Can you edit in the damage rolls for my weapons by the way? That way you don't have to constantly remind me.