Star Citizen (Wing Commander MP successor)

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Or it will be released several years from now, when the devs finally say "**** it" and toss the half-assed mess they've managed to complete as-is onto Steam and put a pricetag on it. That seems to be a fairly likely outcome, in my opinion.

Multi-crew ship demo. It wasn't always incredibly easy to figure out what was going on, and the view from those turrets looked annoying, but after I finished watching I still felt somewhat/somehow impressed...
Naaaah. Soapfly.

Bobtheheros said:
Teofish said:
We HAVE to start up a Taleworlds crew.

Yup, Tib is the pilot, I am the boarder dude, Jhess is the gunner and the rests of you civies can just suffer under our superior skills :grin:
Then I guess there'll be two crews. I won't be anything lower than first mate. :razz:
Not sure you will need a JS, I recall reading earlier that M & KB was very competitive (Arena Commander), there was even a time when JS users were complaining it was too good of a setup.

That being said, no idea what it is like now.
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