[Stage 5] Top 8, single elimination

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Stage 5 - Top 8 - Single elimination

Down to 8 mighty warriors, climbing to the top over the corpses of many gods of the arena ^_____________^

The bracket as it stands:

This stage will again cut the participants in half, again with only a single match with a single first to 7 set. Your deadline for your duel for this stage is Sunday 13th October.

Weirdo and Bloody, you're welcome to play your semi-final match this week if you want as you're ahead. If you do, remember that the format for the semis and grand finals is best of 3 first to 7 sets.

Good luck!
Thanks mate, really nice fights as always.

Somewhat obvious but I guess it's not clear by the bracket: Wierdo and Fisk need to play a bronze match some time before the end of the tournament to decide who gets third place. Format's the same as the semis and finals (best of 3 first to 7 sets). Remember that only top 3 get super special heraldic gear so there's everything to fight for
Le Roux said:
Streaming a duel? Might as well come look yourself on the server.

I've been thinking about something like a duel/ft7 commentary. Someone streams(would that be possible though?) while a duel specialist could talk about the duellers and fighting elements etc.. That may sound funny but within  duellers it might be amusing I suppose.
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