[Stage 2 - Pools] F&R (FINAL DEADLINE: 17/9/13 INCLUSIVE)

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~Scar said:
Even though you won't believe me, I was lagging a bit too, but yeah sure. It's the server not the ping.

I was 202 ping x) it's not server :mad:
But no problem you was better than me today, we will see that to late :grin:

Scar win tournament imo
Kellermann 7 - 4 Khefren

Really nice duels, what a shame for your ping problems as I said before it would have been really close otherwise  :grin:
[Phoenix] said:
Phoenix 7-5 KilleR

Good fights mate! It was intense! You are by far one of the best opponents I've ever had.

confirmed  :wink:

Was really nice even if the lags were like evil sometimes but nevertheless it was very intense and completely fair!

Sorry for this late duel M but as i mentioned before i have really much stress because of school and real live at the moment =(
Schakal asked me to post that Morii didn't accept his friendshiprequest on Steam, and thus they haven't been able to do their duels. (Schakal is muted)
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