[Stage 1 - Pools] Fixtures and Results (Deadline 29.08.13)

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Golradir said:
We've talked and he has given me the default, he's leaving for holidays for 2 weeks, sadly.
Caius_XI said:
I played with both Renekb and Bauglir, nice dudes by the way. Who answered me really fast.

I won 7 - 1 against Renekb, well played mate

and 7 - 0 against Bauglir well played too and thank you
kromagnus said:

GFS mate
Ereinion said:
Legend_Ereinion 7 - 2 LGI_TheBerserk45

Nice duel :smile:
Schakal333 said:
Elvis_The_King 3 : 7 WW_Chevalier

gfs mate  :smile:
Babba_G said:
Blanco 7 - 6 Babba_G gfs
NeToMaN said:
SRC_Netoman 7-4 Imb_Skr_DiacetylMorphine

GFs, nice blockking ; )
wheneverwhatever said:
Kratos 7-0 CTCCoco

Really GFs, thank you.
[Phoenix] said:
[Unity]Phoenix 7 - 3 AE_Razer

Good game!
Bullsara said:
Teutonic_Forever_Bullsara 7-1 Blaise_Dupont

Good fight, mate.
Shemaforash said:
Burdie 7 - 5 El_Cid_Compeador

He told me to post it for him :smile:
Broomstick said:
me 7 - 3 belendor

gfs :smile:
K.A. said:
Teutonic_Forever_Bullsara 4 - 7 KingArthur
Razer' said:
Burdie 1-7 Razer
Oodle said:
Oodle 7-4 Besen_von_stiel



Reminder, tomorrow is the last day you can do your stage 1 duels. After that, we'll be making decisions on who progresses based on effort to set up duels posted in this thread. If we have no information either way we'll fall back on random.org. Good luck with your last duels

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