Stab is too powerful and should be nerfed

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Stab should have been nerfed a long time ago, but for some reason it wasn't, even though most of the people consider the damage of a stab ridicilous. It shouldn't oneshot light/medium infantry classes, and it shouldn't deal up to -82 damage to heavy infantry.

There was a reason why stabs were nerfed during the beta. Everyone complained that stabs were too powerful, and now after so many years they are back for unknown to everyone reason and frustrate people. At least do this one thing before you completely abandon multiplayer so that everyone can "enjoy" the game.
The other problem with stabs is that they're forgiving because of the ridiculous damage, and thus effectively lowering the skill ceiling in melee. They're ridiculously op in inf vs inf engagements because it forces you to be 100% aware about it and always try to counter it, while the "stabber" can afford 3-4 mistakes and then make up for all his mistakes with one attack if you let your guard down or make a mistake.

The release also is wonky on it, either being slow or super fast, which makes them sometimes hard to read, especially when package loss comes into play.

The only proper skill ceiling to pull off the kickstab, which is kinda hard, because you have to get that into your muscle memory.
Counterplay on it is tedious and boring, not satisfying at all.
Stabs are in general okay, the issue is that piercing dmg against neck and head are increased by 100%. Which leads to kick stabs of 90dmg+.
This is obviously also insanely OP on cav since they hit the upper body area in general way more often.
So decreasing the multiplier for melee piercing dmg to 50% instead of 100% would do just fine.
I approve this message.

In my opinion, dealing 50 dmg with that stab doesn't seem fair. Nerfing it would be the best solution to make things balanced and more interested in dueling or in groupfighting.

I don't believe it's realistic neither. Making it nerfed and in global, it'll be interested.
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