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SSH samurai armour set

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is the SSH samurai armour set compatible with 3.1? when i see its pieces in merchant shops, it says the mesh file can't be loaded.
adding any items is possible with any version as long as you do it right, and start a new game. High chance that you do something wrong when you are trying to add the armor, check the item's mesh using morgh's tool.
are there any more mods/items/armor from the time period anywhere else we can add to the game? i have sego 3.0 already and my favorite armors are the ones nto default obtainable in shops, have to flag to merchandise.. but the ones that are super bulky and only come in Takeda and Ikko Ikki right now, and theyre worn out looking. very good models, just wish they had them for all the clans instead of just two :sad:
Bump, this samurai armor model should really be added into the game and retextured and used as a base for many other models. It is really good. Perfect, even. It's proportions most certainly are.
YourStepDad said:
Bump, this samurai armor model should really be added into the game and retextured and used as a base for many other models. It is really good. Perfect, even. It's proportions most certainly are.
It appears to be relatively high-poly and that would pose two problems. Gekokujo´s models, while not exactly low-poly, are optimized so anyone who can use Warband can also use Gekokujo. Adding a high-poly armor to a common troop (one that can be encountered in double-digit numbers on the battlefield) would not only affect performance, but also look out of place among the other models.

Otherwise I am sure phlpp would have talked with jacobhinds and replaced his own models with the ones jacob released back in 2014.
Articulo34 said:
look out of place among the other models.
That's exactly what happened in earlier versions of the mod, where this (SSH) armour actually was in, red, black, blue (? not super sure on this one) and green versions, iirc.

Don't get me wrong, I still got full retinue of companions wearing those. But they stuck out like sore thumbs on the battlefield. I admire not only phlpp's work on models themselves, but also the fact that graphic-wise whole Gekokujo is very consistent.
Are you saying the armor was previously in but removed?!

Having it in shops and perhaps having lords and the player use it would be a nice alternative. Couldn't polys be reduced and the armors given to a variety of samurai though?

Thing is, I like the armor because of its proportions. Particularly the shoulder guards but the rest as well. It's perfect, and such perfect proportions are something Gekokujo lacks. The model is just great, it's not the details on it but the shape.

Shoulderguards look far too small and frankly awful on many armors in Gekokujo, and the cuirasses are just a texture rather than a model. The tassets also look far too small to be impressive.

The armor improvement submod fixes just this rather perfectly, cuirasses are finally modeled, ashigaru look just amazing, and tassets are finally large and impressive to look at, but sadly this armor sbumod introduces many issues of its own. All of the very impressive tassets clip when units run, but thats the least of an issue imo.

With this submod, samurai look ridiculously unarmored. No protection around the neck whatsoever, no armguards, most shoulderguards are so ridiculously tiny with a few good exceptions, and most cuirasses go only up to the chest, leaving the neck entirely exposed. WTF. The heaviest of armors look unarmored, and there is a general lack of bulkiness with the samurai, armors with proportions of the SSH set would fix that. That is why I want to see them.

Also, what jacobs models? Unless he made the improvement submod. I know he has modeled a japan based faction in Sayazn, but aren't those models inspired by the Kamakura period?
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