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Be nice if they were similar to the multiplayer loadouts and just came in different variants. 7 troops with one of the random loadouts. I don't like how the troops trees are in the base game and that they all have matching gear with no real variants to them really. Many troop tiers could be removed honestly. Vlandian spearmen and Vlandian infantry have the same gear basically, Battanian raiders are pointless, Veteran Empire infantry also pointless, same with the 2 menavalion infantry. I could go on.

It should be like for battania for example.

Clan Warrior > Savage > Wildling > Oath Sworn
Ranger > Fiann
Mounted Warrior

Clan warriors, rangers and mounted warriors should spawn in villages with rare chances to see anything above that tier. Their gear should be randomized base on the options of the multiplayer. The multiplayer loadouts also do a good job of making each faction different, while in single player each faction seems to have a little bit of everything.

tl;dr The troops trees need to be squashed down and redone.
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