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Saw this on stumbleupon. Thought it looked pretty cool. Players are divided into two teams - snipers and spies. The sniper's job is to observe a party, single out the enemy spy, and take him out using one shot. The spy has to maneuver around the party, completing secret objectives while avoiding detection. It's still a long way off from completion, but I think people might be able to purchase a beta version.





Tuckles said:
Might be fun to play with a group of friends in real life too though. :U
Makes me wish I had more than one Lazertag sniper rifle. I suppose that it could work with security guards instead, though. Gods know I have a dozen of the pistols and plenty of targets to go around.


There is an airsoft version of this; that I made. Plays similarly to the Assassin campus game.

First you get a large group of people to participate. One is the "assassin", another is the "target" (or spy), the other guys are either "innocents" and maybe an "informant", who either side can use. (Though only side can.)

Then you all go to the same party. I prefer getting permission from the host beforehand, but you can do it without. For the assassin, his mission is to "kill" the target. The target, has a list of things to do at the party. Of course, you can do it without an airsoft gun if most of the people there are not in the loop, but that can also make it more interesting. (Nerf guns work too) It's quite fun.

Anyway this game does look interesting. I'll be looking forward to it.
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