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Sprite Sheet Packer for Bannerlord

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Sprite Sheet Packer for Bannerlord is a little tool I have made that other modders who are working with the user interface might find interesting.

Essentially this is a fork of the original Sprite Sheet Packer made by Nick Gravelyn and turned into a tool for Mount & Blade Bannerlord modding. Sprite Sheet Packer for Bannerlord is a tool generates a Bannerlord sprite-sheet compatible XML file along with the Spritesheet image. The XML file will contain every sprite part you have loaded into the sprite sheet with its correct configuration with width,size, x and y coordinates.

Download here


Thanks for the tool! I've been trying to add my own sprites and been having difficulties. Once I create the sprite sheet and and XML, where should I place these files? Do I reference it straight from my SubModule.xml?
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