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? Spotlight: El Clásico BEAST#5

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MnB-Comp spoke with the Captains of both teams, Jufasto and Hairless, again, since the 'El Clásico' of BEAST Division A is up again: Destiny Masters vs Risen Manifest.

Quick Questions Quick Answers!

Each of the interviewees may only answer in two sentences!

Which Rider right now is the best?
Jufasto: In my heart, Relexan is always superior cav amongst the others. Dragon King and Relexan are the best cav duo currently in game.
Hairless: Woj first, Ghazi second. RM cav is trash, lol

What is the current impact of archery on the tournament?
Hairless: Strong on open maps, but kinda lack power in close matchups, especially in thrower vs thrower matchups. It's depending on the situation.
Jufasto: Due to the nerfs on archery, archery is useless on small maps like Xauna because enemy can push you before archers start shooting, but the best archer, Koso, makes a huge impact on the game anyway.

Do you have any words for the current state of the game?
Jufasto: Taleworlds dissapointed me a lot during Beast 3 but now they are making up for it with listening players and experimenting combat tests. I hope this game will improve much much better than itself.
Hairless: Yes, it's great, whoooooop!

Will there be drama this BEAST?
Hairless: Probably not.
Jufasto: I don’t think so, we made friendships among each other in the community, during BEAST 1 no one knew each other and everyone was kinda new to community. I personally think DM guys are cool guys after spending so much time with them, but I love the rivalry between RM and DM in the tournament, it is the only reason I still play competitively.

Interview with Jufasto
Recently you have been quite active on your YouTube channel, uploading BEAST#5 content and other videos alike. The videos might be considered offensive by the defeated teams, especially if considered how one sided these matches went (12-2, 12-0). What is your opinion and intention behind the videos as the creator?
Jufasto: About these videos, I have nothing against other teams like SGM or DR. I just upload the best moments of my happiness/enjoyment because years later when I watch these videos I will understand how much I enjoyed this game. As everyone know, I didn’t just upload fully games not to be too offensive only just little parts which makes me really enjoy the moment. I apologise to the other teams if they find it offensive or got offended by my content but as a “Bannerlord Youtuber” it is my natural right to put my POV of the gameplay. I am not uploading to prove RM superiority against other teams I am just uploading to have fun and using my Youtube channel as a gaming diary.

You are back to being the challengers this season with Destiny Masters reclaiming the title in the finale of BEAST#4. How high do you consider your chance of winning this iteration of RM vs DM and the tournament as a whole?
Jufasto: Well as a leader I always say RM 12 – 0 DM no matter what and I believe DM guys are believing/saying same thing for themselves. Most people don’t know about it but we always had so much unlucky moments before finals. For example, at First Beast David Pumpkins couldn’t play the game around 3 weeks and we didn’t even know if he was going to make it to the final. His co-worker got covid so he had work double-shifts during his friend’s absence. At second Beast our one of the leaders, Koso, and best archer of the game could not play the game around 3-4 months because his internet was gone and he was so busy with the internet firm to trying to get back.
When he played he wasn’t ready because he couldn’t play around such a long time. Also crushthrough was a bull**** mechanic. Axder really used it well, congratz to him. At Beast 3 for the first time nothing went wrong and we won. At Beast 4, I am 100% sure we could win if Inspire didn’t betray us just one match before the final. We were winning against DM during tournaments and training matches even without our main roster in the trainings.
It is quite unfortunate Inspire betrayed us and Varadin had to play second cavalry. He had no time prepare for it, he was busy IRL and the game was broken at that time. Shortly, if everything goes smoothly, I consider my chance of winning against DM is absolute.

Your team has been swapping the second cavalry position often. In BEAST#3 you played Keykubat on second cavalry and in BEAST#4 Varadin in the finals as second cavalry. Do you think DragonKing is a good addition to your team and might he be the one to occupy this spot permanently?
Jufasto: Keykubat was one of the strongest cavs and really close friend of us but unfortunately he does not play Bannerlord enough to fullfill our competitive desires. This is the reason Varadin played at Beast 3 final. Keykubat was maybe better cavalry than Varadin at that time but he wasn’t playing enough to keep warmed up. Varadin was playing so much during Beast 3 and he has a lot of competitive experience. So, that’s why we chose him over Keyku.
During Beast 4 Inspire came back to game he actually entered RM during Beast 1 but he was in-active so we wanted to try him at roster. He was doing great and we even were playing other games with him, watching movies etc. It is just so unlucky and unfortunate this guy has mental issues, lying about his conditions etc. just because he got bored of the game (Well the game was broken nearly 1.5 months so i cannot blame him about getting bored, we all did.) but also, we had a responsibility as a clan and as main roster players so we have to play final to finish the job. He was just selfish and didn’t want to play because “If he played, it was not going to be his best performance.” Such a BS excuse. Anyway, RM is doing great right now. Let’s talk about DragonKing.
Well I love DragonKing’s gameplay and his attitude. He is really cool guy and we were pretty close with him since he was playing in RS. Actually, he was planning to join RM months ago before he joined SGM. But RM already won Beast 3 at that time and he wanted to be champion with his efforts. So he joined SGM and wanted to make SGM Champion. Well that is the motto we want in RM. After Inspire is gone, he was the best replacement we could ever fill. So if he plans to stay in clan, his place is permanent.

Why are you better than Destiny Masters?
Jufasto: As a relationship wise, I gotta say, DM is really good at staying discord 7/24 and hanging with each other and they call themselves as a family.This is a great thing.
In RM, people are generally so busy with IRL stuff and can find a little time for gaming most of the time. We are also very close friends and trusting each other as a team but we cannot afford to sit in the discord 7/24. We are really close and trusting each other during our gameplay and that is the thing what makes us real professionals.
You could consider RM is more likely an E-Sport team than a clan. But sometimes, we gather on discord and have unique memories with each other. I love the most about this special moments. Bonk/Shonk Squad :wink:
As gameplay wise, of course I am going to say RM is better than DM. It is not like DM has won over RM all the time. RM also won against DM a lot of times as well. Official matches and training matches. We just had a bad luck about finals with our in real life issues but I hope everything will be fine this time.

Any other message for us?
Jufasto:As I said before, I don’t think we can create a new drama even if we wanted to… We got so close at the The Dog Channel, Beast, Draft Cup, Pickups, Training Matches etc. I like DM guys personally but I love the competition and rivalry between RM and DM more. It is just like we were meant to face with each other at the finals and fight all the time. Both RM, DM and Bannerlord Community improved a lot and we will keep improving.
About my Youtube videos, none of my videos should be considered as a offensive video. It is just memes and I am having fun creating them. I have no time nor the luxury of hating someone on the internet. It is just a game, relax.

Interview with Hairless
I know, you will tell me it's not gonna happen, but, let's say, Risen Manifest wins. Will the cycle repeat like in BEAST#2 and you will "catch up in no time" for the grand finale to defend your title?
Hairless: Who wins in the group stage loses finals.

The roster which you played was quite stable for four seasons. Recently however you as well incorporated Argentum into your roster (which is the only non-polish addition next to Arni) and we haven't seen Entral or Woj in Week #1. Is there a reasoning for this step you want to disclose to us?
Hairless: Woj is being on drinking spree right now and Entral took a break, but they'll be back, no worries.

Why are you better than Risen Manifest?
Hairless: We are better despite having fun because we take it seriously.

Any other message for us?
Hairless: What can I say? Thank you my fans, I will still be the best IGL, just for you! Whooop!

We know you have a liking to smurfing and concealing your identity a bit. What is your biggest fait accompli under an alt name? Is there a pattern?
Hairless: There is a pattern. I usually name myself after something I have been vibing about. For achievements I would say it's almost getting into SGM as Tohfelo Slashier (Hairless the Fool).

One last question for both of you, a little sanity check, if you want to put it like that. How good is your mental health after half a year of throwing meta?
Jufasto: "Ich bin traumatisiert."
Hairless: My mental illness is what makes me strong.

Roster analysis of both teams. Data is collected from the rosters, BEAST Stats and the Destiny Pickup Rating. New players for this season are written in italic, while the IGL is marked in bold.
NameClassPOS Stats (global/class)DP Rating
Argentum the SunInfantry#23 / #794
Arni the WenfireCavalry#7 / #495
AXDER the StrengthInfantry#6 / #199
DasGinta the JudgmentArcher-93
Diabelek the FortuneInfantry--
Entral the EmperorInfantry-96
Ghazi the High PriestCavalry#2 / #291
Hairless the FoolInfantry#10 / #298
Popowicz the WorldArcher#14 / #497
Woj le ChariotCavalry-98
NameClassPOS Stats (global/class)DP Rating
DragonKingCavalry#1 / #198
JufastoInfantry#24 / #897
KosoArcher#11 / #398
PacemakerInfantry#13 / #497
RelexanCavalry#3 / #397
VaradinInfantry#12 / #396
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