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It's summer time and the weather is fine, so instead of playing a medieval RPG, play some sports.
So let's play Sports mod!


This mod is something between baseball and football. The rules are inspired by football, but classes and equipment are taken from baseball.

So here we go. These are the factions and classes.

Currently all factions are the same. The only difference is the color of their equipment. Later, I might make non-baseball factions, like golfers, etc. I wouldn't count on it though.

There are three classes.

The Batter:
The batter is the slowest troop in game. He can use various baseball bats and he is the only troop in game that can wear heavy armor.

The Runner:
The runner is very fast. On the other hand he is quite useless in combat. His only weapon is a broken bat.

The Pitcher:
The pitcher is medium fast. He uses deadly baseballs which he throws at his enemies. He also has sawn off bats for melee.


The map is a large football field.

1) There is one attacker team and one defender team. These roles switch during the game.
2) The rounds begin in the middle of the field. Both teams face each other in a certain distance.
3) The central object in game is a football. One random player of the attacker team begins with this ball.
4) The attacker team has to push the football as far to the other teams side as possible. They can throw it to each other or run with it or whatever.
5) The attacker team doesn't respawn and is slower than the defender team.
6) When a person from the defender team captures the football, the roles switch and the defender team becomes the attacker team. The game starts again, but from the position the attacker team lost the football.
7) A round ends when one team reaches the end of the football field with the football. They have to pass the enemy's goal line and then throw it to the ground. Throwing the ball over the line without having passed it yourself isn't enough. Alternatively you can also throw it through the enemy's goal thingie:
:cool: You may hurt enemy players.

Other minor rules:
9) You may not drop the football. You can throw it to the ground or anything, but you may not use 'g' to drop it. You also mustn't replace it by picking up another weapon while wielding the ball. Otherwise it's a foul and the other team is attacker.

All models and textures from this mod are made by me. You can use them, if you give me credit. Source code will also be released.


Nice! :grin:

But is there a script that makes the round end when the ball reaches th eother side? I mean th defenders' goal? :O!


Dude Nobody has downloaded it yet and i haven't seen any servers are you sure this mod is gonna be successful?


Grandmaster Knight
This looks fun! Can't wait for servers to show up.

Mitch9016, he just released, and this is Highlander we're talking about - don't be worried about it's success, it will be successful. :razz:


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Hi Highlander

This looks great  , Will you be doing a single player version of this mod :grin:


May I request for two more factions:

Referees - can bash anyone any time randomly, better be bots :smile:
Cheerleaders - anyone can bash those!

The Shadow

This looks great! Can't wait to play it! 

GetAssista said:
May I request for two more factions:
Referees - can bash anyone any time randomly, better be bots :smile:
Cheerleaders - anyone can bash those!


I got quite optimistic when I saw this thread, as I got reading I saw "football" and I got real happy about that but then I saw the screens and realized it was american "football"  :neutral:. Probably a good mod but not for me..


that's... very unexpected  :idea: downloading now  :wink:

oh and thanks for releasing it as OSP, good thing for us newb apprentice modders ^^

edit : so the only new scripts added are the lines at the end of starting after #sports? no code inserted before?
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