Splitting Up Your Troops For Battles - How? Maybe?

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Hello all,

In M & B I remember being able to sort out the My Party screen to move troops around from top to bottom... The battles would start using troops from the top of the column down to the bottom. So I would split up my Companions so they are spawned during the battle at various times. I would put some T-1 troops near the front but most on the very bottom / spawn.

I knocked down the 1000 unit level down to 750 so it runs smoother for me. So now I get a good bit of new reserves spawning in during the fight in the large multiple Lord fights.

I don't know how the spawn-in reserve works and how to split up units.. So if I have 20 Cataphracts, I would like to spilt them into 4 groups of 5 to spawn in at different times.

Can you do this? Or do I need some sort of Mod?


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