Splitting up troops types into multiple groups

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I know the party system needs many more features, but one I'd like to see is the ability to split up the same troop types into multiple formations. I currently have 24 Brigands in my party and I'd love to split them into two groups of 12. No reason why I have to clump all Imperial Recruits into a single formation either.

I know it's not exactly what you are looking for but you can split any group while in Battle and assign it to a new group. It will not persist after battle however. Still, you can make 2 wings of cavalry and stuff like that.
I thought you could only split existing formations? Or do you mean put all the brigands into a single formation, and then use F7 to split that formation into two?

That should work I guess, unfortunate that it doesn't persist. Thank you for the tip!
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