Splitting armor into more parts

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Since damage taken is influenced by a specific body part's armor, would it be possible to further split certain armor parts? For example, instead of having just hand, foot, and shoulder armor, maybe make it left/right shoulder, foot, and hand armors. This would allow us to further customize our gear setups to suit specific playstyles/armament choices without turning into shuffling bricks.

Example Setup:
1handed SwordHeavy Chest
Large ShieldMedium Feet
JavelinHeavy Right Arm
1handed SpearHeavy Right Shoulder
Light Left Arm
Light Left Shoulder

In this setup, the shield's passive block provides enough protection for the right side, while the left side is more heavily armored to compensate for it's exposure. This allows us decent protection without completely armoring up and throwing our encumbrance through the roof, making more weight for weapon usage and nimbler movement. Inversely, if the shield breaks, then the lightly geared left side becomes a severe liability.

Having this type of setup (in my opinion) would allow greater flexibility when choosing equipment, as well as allowing greater customization in regards to appearance diversity.
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