Spin your yarn here! Tales of Valor and...errr...Courage!


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I thought it would be nice to have a thread devoted to stories from the game.

I'll start. I'm relatively new to the game and so is my character. I can't take river pirates on yet so I mostly train at the tournaments. One fine day, I ran a bad streak, and had only 100 dinares left. To hell with it, I thought and placed a bet of 100 dinares on myself.

My team consisted of two horsemen, one a lancer and the other a swordsman, and myself, a footman archer. The other side had the same set-up.

And so, my horsemen charged and left me alone as I picked my targets and let fly a few arrows. I'm pretty good with a bow and managed to take out one of the enemy horsemen. Suddenly, I see both my men fall out of their horses and lay on the ground. As all lone archers know, the worst sight you can ever see is a lancer charging down towards you at full speed and you having no way to defend yourself. I was about to die, I thought. The lancer was a step away from me, I could see him readying his lance. In defiance, I let fly an arrow. Suddenly, the lancer's eyes opened in surprise as he leaned back and fell off his horse, never to rise again, an arrow sticking out of his helmet. His horse dragged him a few more steps but then stopped. I seized the moment and mounted. The remaining foe was easy and I won the match.

I just love that sound when you hit someone with an arrow...


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So, I was just minding my own business, bringing some slaves to zendar, not really paying attention. My band had about 4 unconscious guys (two swadian knights, one hired blade and one vaegir veteran, probably forgetting one but for the sake of the story I'll keep going) so anyway, I had 10 slaves with me, and I sold off all the stuff already, intercepted a vaegir caravan you see. In my party were a few seargents, some assorted mounted troops and a lot of the lower class units that hadn't died in the last battle. Anyway, without even seeing it, a vaegir war party of 70 intercepted me.

I was screwed, I thought about leaving the game right there but decided I'd at least try it out. I started the battle and had my scimitar out, using my charger to do run-ins, slashing before they could swing back. I ordered my band to stay put, and I knew as long as they stayed together it was a nice defensive balance. So I decided I would just attempted to keep circling around doing my charges until I withered their army away, and it was working well until I ran straight into a group of them. They turned my horse into mince meat in a few seconds and I ordered my men to follow me. From there, I had my shield out and my view point directly over my guy so I could see each swing, and rapidly moved to intercept each attack right before they came so I could fight my way out of being surounded. Then, over the hill, I saw my cavarly charge in and do some damage on them. Had like 8 arrows stuck in my shield, and waited for some enemy knight or something to come sweeping by so I could get myself another horse.

My infantry were working well, staying together, but I was still on the ground trying to fend off three guys. That's when my knights were surounded and being killed. I managed to steal a slow horse and work my way back to the seargents, where we stuck together and fought them off. it was then that I got the option to leave the battle and took it, but dammit, most of my mounted allies were dead so I went slow as hell, and they intercepted me again. I realized this one would go until the end.

When I started up again, I had my horse. I had four mounted fighters left, and two seargents, that was it, in my entire party, except for a ton of prisoners and somewhere between 5 and 10 unconscious ones. We dwindled them down so hard from there that I kept fighting after it asked if I'd like to retreat. I went back with 20 slaves and had got something like 10000 gold in total from all the stuff.


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Good stories... I am going to try and make a little video of one of my battles for you guys... we can trade battle videos and check out each others moves :smile:

I have been switching between using my sniper crossbow to just mow them down as they come... and then charging into the fray with my shield and battle axe swinging.

Sometimes I go on my spirited charger and lance them or axe them on the charge... always fun times

Must make video...

anyone know how to make a good small compression but good quality video?


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Great, I'll get fraps running or something. Yeah, it's that sort of against all odds but some how made it through sort of stuff that gets me hooked.


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Greetings, my cohorts. Your battle tales are bold and adventurous, but I fear they lacked... flair. I shall sing to you a grim reel of blood and valor. As I, Duke Arturo Montonsailles-Blankratz did venture boldly forth from the capital (and as-yet uncapitalized) city of sargoth with mine allies, Sir Timothy the Reliable, Sir Roland the Audacious, Lord Richard the Suicidally Insane, and Sir Butch, the Serene Claymore of Bloody Yet Ironic Justice, we were accosted by a party of sea-raiders over two score and ten strong. Although we could have run, a sense of arrogance had infused us, and we rode towards them.

Their leader intercepted us, and threatened us with death if we would not give up our weapons, armour, and hard-earned money. In response, Sir Roland The Audacious did break his spear upon the brash knave, who was then smate by us 'till his body did stick to our tabards in burgundy shreds. For a leader he might have been, but he was dressed in skins, and therefore was a knave still, and thus deserved nothing better than to sample of our blades--all of them.

We fought them, aye. Fought 'em with all our might. But the field was of the raiders' choosing, and as such they could face us with the great majority of their number arrayed against us. I told my men of a plan, in which we'd dismount and attempt to take them one at a time, killing each in a single blow if possible, to make up for out lower numbers. Lord Richard disagreed, and led all but Sir Timothy into a suicidal charge. I was flabbergasted, but remounted my horse and followed them, to do what I could to extricate them. Sir Timothy, reliable as always, had dismounted his horse, in preparation for the defense of our hill. I ordered him to remount and charge, but he responded slowly. I shall return to a discussion of his fate when it becomes applicable.

I caught up with my fellow nobles, who were being systematically hacked to pieces by the raiders. Miraculously, none were dead--yet. But e'en as I arrived, Sir Butch was struck down by a club. The mob had taken an astounding butcher's bill, but they had closed, and were mercilessly grinding down my remaining men. Hastily, I brought my horse, Eques, around them, and drew my blade, Erstechende Klinge and smote them again and again, until I myself was brought down.

And that, my boys, is how I became King of the Beggars.

Oh, and what happened to timothy, you wonder? Well, he followed his orders, and apparently charged straight through the five remaining raiders, and kept going. He charged, and charged, and charged for three days. On the second day, his horse died, so he charged along on foot until on the third day he reached the great sea, and charged into the waves. Personally, I like to believe that even after he went under the water, he kept charging until he fell off the edge of the world.


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Flair? Anyone can roleplay a story. By the way, my character is sort of articulate, but it's roleplayed from an event I just endured so enjoy.

My name is Iago Grindley, and though I started as a simple outsider with my simple weapons, as time grew, my name became feared throughout all the lands. I was cherised as a saint among the swadians, as their savior and as a living walking prophecy that forsaw they would win the war, and to Vaegirs, I was the nightmare they would tell their children.

We road as warriors, always on horseback, aside from that Borcha, who never lasted more than five minutes in a fight, but was always ready to go for the next. He's the useful sort, and has grown to know not to test my leverage, knowing I could send him away at any second. Aside from that, I was accompanied by a Vaegir Knight, who I rescued from captivity, and he swore allegiance to me. I also had two hired blades, Able and Al, and 2 mercen'ries. We were the horse-back type, and frankly, the only rule I have as far as my companions go is stay alive and stay out of my way, and they all did very good at that so far.

So, I saw it as I road from Sargoth, tracks of the caravan. I decided to follow them since Praven was my destination any way. I heard about a quarter league ahead, a wild yelp of a man meeting an early end, and looked to my compatriots, grinned, and doubled the pace of my horse, a heavy charger named Charlotte. If it's any consolation, my last horse was named Bone-Crusher.

Up ahead in deed were the sounds of battle, more importantly, that caravan was being attacked by the dark hunters. A score and twelve black-knights we counted, and ten hunters. I grinned and laughed, and my Vaegir friend, he looked at me funny. "We're not goin' down thar, are we?"

"Well," I began, "That caravan desperately needs our help. We have a moral responsibility to the lands of Swadia now, whether you like it or not, you Vaegir bastard," I joked.

With that, we set off, Borcha on my back. I asked the others to stay behind as Borcha and I joined the fray of Swadian Horse-men. I dropped him off, as usual, for speed was my best ally. The swadians had a head start toward the giant group of black-knights, but I got up and soon lead point as the two groups of horses met in the valley. I swung once, twice, and thrice, and murdered the first two, wounded the second. The fools turned about on their horses to meet me but I already climbed the hill, and the swadians came in from behind, ramming their horses forward against the surprised black-knights. The battle raged, and through it all I simply encircled the valley, turned and charged, letting heads fly as my scimitar shined crisply, then road back up the hill, and as always a few were chasing me up, but I simply rode about until I saw another opening.

The battle turned, but the swadians took heavy losses, so my men entered the fray. Able and Al were a twin-eyed hurricane that worked maniacally against them. My Vaegir friend sliced them to bits until finally the oaf was surounded and knocked from his horse. I came to the side of the group and slew them as I passed, turned, and did another pass. Able and Al charged amongst the mercenaries into another group of black knights. Al was knocked out but Able came though with blood streaking from his blade. He looked furious at the death of his friend, and charged again, but stupidly of course. I swirved in and behead one on his back, he was caught in a deadly game with one to his side, and unfortunately I couldn't get to him fast enough, one lucky axe penetrated his armor, and he fell from his horse. I made it a second later with a good slash from my blade, searing him into tomorrow's meat.

The battle was now fought between six, one of my mercenaries, the last surviving swadian man-at-arms, myself, and three black knights. They tried to run, but my rage thickened from the death of my comrade, so I lead the two after them. Though the caravan master bid us not go too far, I assured him this would not take long. I took two off their horses, and duked it out with the last as the swadian and the mercenary battled the black knights, they both knocked the two down, and I realized this battle might be a little intricate, so I turned from the knight, swept down the hill, killed one, did the same, killed the other, then turned about and shot the one on the horse with three arrows. See? Intricate.

So that's how it happened, a severely guardless caravan finished their trip, while I lead a bunch of wounded to Praven so they could rest, and mourn the death of a friend.


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Me on horseback, leading a force of assorted Vaegir archers and skirmishers are accosted by the dreaded Black Kherjit Raiders while escorting a trade caravan through the steppes.

We're fortunate in that the raiders begin their advance while we're cresting a steep hill. I immediately order my men to hold position on the hilltop while I head downwards to skirmish with the advancing wave of horse-archers.

Needless to say, I don't fare too well. A hail of arrows thuds into my horses flanks, and with an equine scream and a terrible crunching of bones, the poor beast is felled. I panic and retreat post-haste back to the hilltop where my men stand. The siege begins. The raiders circle the hill menacingly. I look over the edge and see that the entire hillside is peppered with arrows. My own men are returning fire as best they can, but can't seem to hit the fast-moving enemies.

At this moment, I have formulate a plan. I rustle through my equipment chest and pick out two of my sturdiest shields, and a couple of handfulls of my favourite throwing knives.. I tell my men to move slightly to the northwest, still remaining on the hill. I then drop down to the western side of our makeshift fort. I had noticed that there was a small pass here that the enemies are riding through. There's not much room to maneuver, as there's another steep hill on the immediate opposite side.

So, the trap is set. I drop into the narrow pass, and bring up my shield. Before long it's thoroughly peppered with arrows, but the raiders need to stop and turn to bring their left sides to bear and unleash hell upon me. They slow, turn.. stop in some cases.

Just where my men can see them. Preoccupied with me, the raiders are quickly and mercilessly picked off one by one by my loyal archers. When the raiders were foolish enough to divert their attention to their assailants, I quickly hurled a dagger into their backs - and in a few lucky instances, heads.

Long fought, a war shield shattered from dozens of arrow hits, and the entire battlefield littered with broken arrowshafts and broken men, I stand victorious. Our bloody business is done, and victory is ours.

Of course, just our luck that as soon as we continue on our way, we're jumped by a dozen black knights...


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On the 'damn good fight' angle. I once made a serious mistake : being an honest novice [level 5] courtier-turned-merchant, I bought tools and set road to Tulga, with a modest party : Borcha, Marnid and four wanabee soldiers - two watchmen and two townfolks. The basic idea being that by travelling light we would outrun what we couldn't outfight and vice-versa..

Coming near the town, Borcha spotted the bad news : a party of fourteen khergit raiders. Not only were they outnumbering us two-to-one, but also faster than us. And the nearby vaegir war party happily ignored them, letting them free to run for my goods. Trying to save my business, I rushed as fast as possible toward Tulga, but was caught within sight of the town's gates. And those damn raiders could not be bribed away as the usual bandit rabble.

Facing very bad odds, I ordered the men to stand and fight on a wooded hil and wait for the onslaught. While Borcha and Marid used bow and crossbow, I stayed on my faithful mount, a spirited coursier, and set forth to harass the incoming raiders, especially the horse archers. At that time I was glad to have bought a slightly used nomad sabre, dispatching several marauders. Then my horse finally got downed by a cowardly archer. Backing to my men, I found them tangling with a raider. When fighting such vermin honour isn't a concern, so I pinned him in the back, borrowing his steppe pony to replace my downed mount and resume my harassing.

With arrows flowing and new opponents coming regularly, my merry band shrinked steadily, until I was alone facing the enemy. Charging back and forth, I downed several of the raiders before the archers killed my borrowed mount. With some gentle prodding of the blade, a now-dead khergit lancer let me use his mount. Badly wounded, I crossed swords with the last raiders, killing several, but alas though he was beaten within an inch of his life had me beaten one inch closer.

The damn raider happily pilfered my luggages, taking away some tools and gold as well as a sumpter horse to carry his loot and a knocked-out townsman. Fortunately he didn't take interest in my wounded coursier

Emerging of my slumber, I constated that my faithful steed had recovered, and managed to patch somewhat Marid and Borcha, who were left for dead like me. Borcha spotted the raider's track running away from the spot of our defeat, and with a seriously reduced attire we were able to match the raider's speed, dropping on him and recovering some of his loot aswell as rescuing the soldier. A quick passage to Tulga let us drop the tools and buy some spices before leaving that ill-inhabitd area, whith the firm intent of avoiding the place until I could muster a strong enough party to wipe out those raiding scums.


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So, I attempted to fight off 55 black knights that were harrassing 30 or so caravan riders. It was an awful fight, and I lost like the first five times but kept restarting my game. Finally I realized I had sut levelled up, so I got my self a couple of tactics points to balance the situation, told one of my party members to leave, made room for 15 militia and tried for the sixth time.

I noticed the beginning of the battle is the most telling. If you can get a good start you can win. This battle started out with me pucking two off their horses in the initial rush. This battle, sadly, had the caravan master himself slaughtered near the beginning as well, but Aside from that is was a good fight and we slowly worked them over.

In my arsenal, I had the exact same people that hadn't died, basically ever. Three bired blades, a vaegir knight, a swadian knight, a sword sister, and two mounted heroes. It was a small force but it moved fast and it was a lot of fun having almost a complete horse back army. In the end of that fight, I had a crippled horse (lost his heavy :sad: ) a sword sister, a hired blade, and swadian knight and three militia/skirmishers (they leveled) and a couple heroes.

So, basically my great infamous force was a thing of the past, and now I'm building a far more balanced army. I don't remember the details but it was the most intense battle I ever fought after my horse was crippled and I kept saying, "God I wish I had this on fraps."


A black knight on horse back was charging for me with his axe out and I block his horse so it freaked out, and around the back behind him a hired blade came and impaled him as he passed.

Two foes came at me from opposite directions, I stepped out of the way and they jammed horses, so both horses stood up for a seocnd, and I came back and slew both of the riders at that moment, then stole one of the horses.

Sword sister and I backed into a cliff wall, my shield only had 200 points left, and I was trying to block a guy with a pole arm and a guy with an axe at the same time, I thought I was screwed but then she turn and knocked one away, and I turned to see four dead bodies around her. We ganged up on the other two.


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A particularly interesting battle was had by my premier character. Theoled , how is a heavily armoured knight also proficient in throwing axes and javelins and utilising a two-handed axe on or off the armoured charger. In this particular battle he was accompanied by 3 recently trained-up hired blades.

We were assailed by about 10 dark knights/hunters (it seems they'd been damaged somewhat fighting a Vaegir force because they carried prisoners of 4 vaegir knights). 10 vs 4 was a pretty unfair fight and I wasn't going to let my men get killed just like that so we dismounted as soon as the battle began and faced the opposition.

This required a lot of skill on MY part and luck in the skills of the hired blades. About 6 of the Dark chappies approached first and I managed to stick 5 of my 7 jarids into one of the hunters taking him out (with a head shot!) and quickly switching to throwing axes I got on into a knight coming at me and after dodging the one behind him, but then I was several times and so I had to bring my close combat weapon out. 2 guys went for my mates and three came at me, dismounted I tried to knock the horses from under their feet and succeeded in doing that to two of them, the third was the one I'd thrown an axe at and so a second and third followed finally killing him. Then I was hit twice from behind by the uhorsed enemy and easily dealt with them. I then noticed that one of my hired blades had died so I went to where they were and took down one of the circling hunters at which point my remaining companions took down the other one.

Now four more enemies came on and I tried to take one down with my remaining axes but rather unsucessfully. They engaged my remaining hired blades and I took of advantage of that easily killing one enemy but at the expense of one killed and one knocked unconcious, I now faced three nights, still on horse back.

Basically I eventually managed to score hits on one horse taking it down and eventually got to my own horse with which I managed to fight the three guys. I finished on about 9 out of 65 health. Eeek.

I was rewarded however with the recovery of one of my hired blades (making only one death casualty) and I rescued 4 vaegir knights to add to my party!


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The young boy looked up at me with eyes full of youthful adoration, undearneath a helmet far too big for him, he couldn't have been more than sixteen years old. "Please take me with you" he said, "You are the one they all talk about.... the golden man, the one it is said is such a rare man among men that he is deemed golden, i have heard of your deeds, I want to join you and your men, I want to help the people as you do, please take me". I shook my head, the boy had come to me every day for the past three days I had rested at the town of Khudan, begging me to accept him into my band of men. Each time i had told him to run home to his family, and each time tears had welled up in his eyes, and he had left.

I couldn't help picturing a young boy begging a monk to take him on as an apprentice, with the same look in his eyes, the same innocent unknowing hope that comes with being so young.
"Well..." he said, snapping me out of my daydream.
"You really want to join me?" i replied. His eyes lit up
"Yes, oh yes, please i will do everything and more for you sir, anything".
"Good then" i replied as i lifted my saddle and placed it over his shoulder. "You can start by cleaning this and checking the bandages on my horses left leg, then you can clean him and report back to me". The boy stood there with a face splitting grin, then turned and ran to the stables. I knew this was going to be a bad idea, but something about him made me take him with me. Pity maybe, or recognition of myself so many years ago, this one softness I realised I would one day live to regret, I would have to keep that boy close to my side with a firm hand from now on.


Bit short but I mananged to finish off a swadian war party of 36 with just me, my horse, my shield, my one handed sword and my crossbow(and bolts)


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The only soldier I had left, a caravan guard, was keeping three mounted foes at bay. I had to lend a helping hand to him, so I carefully took out my bow, walked up to a nearby hill while pulling the string back. My eye glistened like the tip of my arrow, when I shouted "TALLY HO!" and released the string. The arrow flew in a beautiful arc, like a mighty phoenix, until it impaled the caravan guards head. "s***", I muttered under my breath, and I ran away gallantly, leaving my wounded at the mercy of the vaegir.

Yours truly, Deg Nabiroth, master archer.


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On the fields near Suno we find our knight-errant, Sir Lee Manner and his trusty squire, Ratio, fresh from rescuing scores of simple peasants, farmers and kids, about to do battle with a party of mountain bandits that have come upon their campsite.

"Ratio! Be a lad and tell the peasants, the farmers, and those schoolkids we rescued to form a layered defensive position so we can attrit these bandits til I can get ready to smote them!"

"Sire, I hate to inform you but I don't think our, er, recruits will understand what you're ordering them to do!"

"Well in the name of...do I have to draw it out for you, Ratio?!? I have to get this ensemble on or we can't fight, can we? I'm a knight, good squire, and knights DON'T fight without their armor! So, inform our militia to make ready for skirmish, hand me that chain coif, and some of the lard so I don't get chafed by my armor this time!"

"Of course, my liege."

<Ratio acts as runner to hastily position the ad-hoc militia of Sir Lee, then dutifully returns to apprise his lord of the situation>

"The first line of the bandits has hit the, er, militia, my lord!"

"And how fare they?"

"Well, it looks like most of the horses are down and I'd say...maybe a quarter of the bandits are not moving!"

"Fortunate indeed!"

"It does look like some of the farmers, er, militia may be down, sire. I dare say that their pitchforks might not be a match against the swords and bows of the bandits!"

"No need for veiled arguments, good Ratio. We'll update their weapons upon our next visit to town!"

"Sire, I have to say that I don't think they intended to serve as your militia when we rescued them!"

"Nonsense! I have not demanded tribute or any sort of payment! All I ask is that they delay those ruffians long enough for me to prepare for this battle! Of course they'll get 30 days of leave every year and matching dental! It's not like I don't have their best interests in mind!"

"Sire, I don't think they'll last six minutes, much less a year!"

"You know what your problem is, Ratio? You're not thinking long term my good squire. They have to have motivation if they're going to want to..."

"Milord! The front ranks are broken! The bandits are heading for the peasant buffer!"

"Ratio, please don't interrupt me while I'm trying to explain to you..."

"Heavens! The peasants are *charging* the bandits! Unbelievable! They have no chance on this earth and yet they storm forward against insurom....unsumur....tough odds!"

"What? They're charging?!?! How uncivilized. Still, that's the price you pay when you can't field a proper army. Remind me, Ratio, to update the order of battle as well as to write down that recipe for sumpter horse jerky sometime."

"Milord, it appears as though a group of the bandits has begun to flank! They'll hit us in our supply area! "

"No worries, good Ratio, within moments I should have all my armor upon my person! Then those bandits will know the taste of justice! Have you seen my helmet, by chance?"

"I believe that should go on last, milord."

"Right. Good thinking, that. I don't remember this dent in my breastplate. Ratio, did you not hammer this out after our last action?"

"You mean when you got too close to that cliff in the river valley, fell off your horse and crushed the river pirate to death, milord?"

"Yes, my valiant action near Zendar that turned the tide against a massive war party..."

"There were three pirates, my liege. And the one got stuck in the river and could only throw stones at us until he ran out, at which point he fled. The other was killed by your horse accidentally trampling him while it ran off in a panic after you fell and, well, we cleaned the remains of the third off of your dinged breastpla..."

"Yes, yes, Ratio. No need to embellish my victories. I want this hammered out before our next campaign!"

"Of course, milord."

"Now. Sword oiled? Check. Lance sharpened? Check."

"Sire, the enemy has overrun our baggage! What shall we do without our food stores!?!?"

"Good Ratio, I think you over-estimate their victory. That was not the baggage, it was in fact, that load of soiled loincloth I asked you to wash the last time we made camp."

"Oh, I meant to tell you sire, there was a problem with the embroidery on your ..."

"Nevermind, Ratio, and rest assured that had I the means, I would have rigged the baggage to not only blow the piss out of those ruffians but to send them hurtling into the sky with the furor of a thousand..."

"Skidmarks, sire?"

"What!?! No, I assure you those were not my....wait a minute....I don't think they realize yet what's in the baggage. Are they trying to open it? "

"No worries, sire, we're upwind."

"Good. Now hand me my breastplate Ratio, and be quick!"

"Here it is sire. Hark! One of the bandits looks to be getting quite close,
...he's eluded our peasant rearguard!"

"Even the old woman with the gimpy leg and the rolling pin?"

"Yes, he seems to have outrun her!"

"Well, Ratio, shoot him will you? I'm not even dressed enough to draw my

"Posthaste, my liege."

<one wildly off-the-mark bolt later>

"Ho! Ratio, you shoot like a one armed Swadian Crossbowman with crabs!"

"Sorry, sire, I'll try using the cream that the physician recommended."

"I'd rather you tend to that nasty bandit approaching us, Ratio."

"Of course sire, let me just get this reloaded."

<A moment later>

"Ha! The foul beggar was taken down by one of your underlings, my liege."

"Not the gimpy lady? "

"Yes, sire. Apparently she threw her corrective shoe at him and has knocked him out cold! We shall sell him at Zendar before the sun sets!"

"Excellent. Let me just undo the lacing on these greaves....."

"Sire, it looks as though our forces are driving the bandits back!"

"Verily, I just need to...cram...leg...through the...Aha! Got it!"

"Shall I get your horse stool, sire?"

"No need, Just give us a lift, would you, good Ratio?"


<several manly grunting sounds later>

"Well, now we're looking ready for a fight!"




"Well, enough of this monosyllabic spankfest, fetch me my lance and be quick! There has to be at least one or two of the blaggers running around that I can impale!!"

"Sire! Do you hear the cheering? I think we've won!"

"Fantastic my good Ratio! We shall have a celebration immediately! Scavenge the weapons, secure the unconscious prisoners, tend to our wounded, and fetch me my "victory" codpiece! I feel like a lap around the battlefield!!"

"Post haste, sire."

And so it was that on the plains around the town of Suno, the great knight-errant Sir Lee and his earnest squire, Ratio, defeated a large force of mountain bandits.

At least, that's all that the firm of Gorn, Narsh, Epstein and Rosencrantz will allow to be read from Sir Lee Manner's autobiography "One Man, One Vision, Many Quests" which is currently pending publishing due to editorial differences with H. Ratio's unsanctioned biography about Sir Lee, "One Man, One Vision, and An Unending Supply of Expendable, Rescued Fodder". Available from Swadian and Shyster Publishing.


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What's the best shot anyone here has had? Mine is 7.4, believe it or not. I haven't got any kind of evidence. I'll admit, it was an extremely lucky shot, eventhough it was crowded.


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I sat in my charger, waiting. The Sea Raiders were closing in on the town fast. My soldiers and I were the only defense. Baron Rolf had deserted us and locked himself in Dhorak Keep. I raised my Sword of War, the signal to charge just as an arrow whipped past me. I started down the hill, picking up speed. People were every where. A throwing axe embedded itself in my horse’s armor and he stumbled falling on three Sea Raiders. I jumped off just in time. Then they were upon me. I barely had enough room to swing my sword but every time I did I killed someone. I could just recognize my sergeant, Germanus as he was killed by a jarid. All of a sudden a warrior stepped in front of me and took the blow that would have killed me, and grabbed the axe as it swung downwards. Then we were fighting side by side in a battle we couldn’t win. But I was proved wrong. In a second the odds had swung in my favor as a group of manhunters joined in the fray. As I watched with open eyes as the manhunters lashed out left and right with everything they could muster. The remaining Sea Raiders fled but the manhunters gave chase until every one of the surviving Raiders were unconscious or dead. All of the raiders not killed that day were taken to Zendar and sold as galley slaves, which was more than those filthy scum deserved.