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Specialised Classes that are locked for skirmish and cpt mode, they would enrich the casual gameplay experience. Post ideas below!

An Example Unit will be given for the Empire Faction.

Officer Class - Centurion - Flag Bearer - Musician
Perk 1: +9 armor & +200hp; standard/flag; Horn/Trumpet
Perk 2: Spatha; Shield (+gladius); Stick (a wooden stick with no damage/low dmg to hit friendlies with)

Specialist Class - Sapper Class/ Arty Class/Medic Class
Perk 1: Hammer (can built ballista); Donkey with Siege Ammunition; healing item
Perk 2: shovel; Donkey with Siege Ammunition; Bow or some sword

probably could be split up differently aswell.

It would be nice to see for regular troops

pikeman, NW muskets (vlandian shock inf with awlpike/spear that plays like a musket in melee)
dragoons ( sturgian infantry (light armored varyags) on horseback (sumpter horses)) which are effective on foot, just to push objectives quicker.
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