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Special clan and NPC

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This thread is for pure lore, if they have zero text or 200 pages it doesn't change gameplaywise.
I noticed that some clans are special, they contain more informations about them. The encyclopedia put the information of those clans on the clan leader if they are a kingdom clan while they put the information on the clan if they are a subfaction. For example clan Khergit is nothing special but the leader has more information while the leader of Wolfskins isn't special but the clan Wolfskins is special.
For now I find this stuff:

-ruler gets special text
-two clans have an important feud.....you know if you do the banner quest, otherwise ZERO text in the encyclopedia.

-ruler gets special text

-ruler gets special text
-a clan leader gets the text that he is the brother of the deceased king but still loyal to Caladog, he also has special dialogue in banner quest

-ruler gets special text
-a clan leader doesn't support monarchy
-a clan leader is from a young eager clan that want to prove itself but the prince doesn't trust the clan

-ruler gets special text, ruler also has greyed out his deceased father
-clan leader of Khergit gets special text

Western Empire
-ruler gets special text
-scumbag clan of senatorial traitors

Northern Empire
-ruler gets special text
-there is a clan with the same name of the incompetent emperor but gets no special text

Souther Empire
-ruler gets special text
-Ira gets special text
-there is a special wealthy clan

Other interesting stuff: there are your deceased parents greyed out. While it lacks the assassinated emperor, the emperor died in battle, Caladog's adoptive father that seems important in the lore. Beni Zilal unlike other subfaction lacks any special description.
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