Spears feel weak and unsatisfying.

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spear's problem has already rooted deep into the core and it's affecting aross personal performace, field combat and siege, without a literal complete rework it won't fix the problem but we can clearly see how taleworlds wants to deal with it which is tagging it with the good old too complicated and pretend they never saw it. They clearly knows the problem and they could make it perfectly works if they wanted but it will take another 12 year and drive the no paid interns crazy
1.) There should be no long wind-up animation before a thrust.
2.) There should be no minimum distance from which you can deal damage. (meaning theres no such thing as "too close").
3.) Spears should have the largest parry hitbox to make it easy to simulate knocking a spear off its target trajectory with a defensive slash to the weapon. (Someone thrusts a spear at you but you knock it aside with your sword.)
4.) This should have been fixed years ago, but it wont ever be changed because the devs want to avoid spears being the best possible weapon due to how effective they would be as a result of the changes mentioned above.
1 and 2 is doable, kinda done already in multiple mods including ours. 3 is more problematic, parrying is right now universally coded for all weapons but generally parry hitbox is gigantic and you can also activate auto parry/block direction in menu if you want to have easier time parrying with spear (or any weapon for that matter). Way to achieving what you want is to add stamina to the game and give spear thrusts lower stamina damage than slashing weapons (to emulate that you can just knock them away).


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What I would change in case of spear. I would make it the only weapon that can launch attack without lowering block.

It should have the option of overhead attack while blocking.
I do not think Spear will work with the current Athletics version.

I worry for Bannerlord that the formations will look awkward, like in Warband Viking Conquest and 1257 and the mod which name I forgot but it got lots of really long pikes with Rome-Greece-Celt Phalanx fights.


I think it could be cool if a spear "glance" could do something other than bounce of the opponent. Maybe it pushes the enemy back a little in the same way a shield bash or kick would. This would allow spear users to keep distance and not render their attack useless once the opponent closes distance. Maybe a little OP though.
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