spears dont show when sheathed

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hey everyone. first time poster here.

I started playing this mod a while back, and so far its been fantastic. however, I ran into a bizarre bug involving spears; they are invisible when sheathed. when I draw them out, they appear as normal, but when I sheath them back, my characters arm rotates in the opposite direction its supposed to, as if it wasn't properly attached to his shoulder. since this is my prefered playstyle, its making nova aetas pretty hard to play, so I'd really appreciate any help you guys could give me on fixing it.

I know that this mod hasn't been updated in a while, but there has to be some way I can fix this bug with spears. is there any file editing or anything else I can do that would fix this bug? because it doesn't seem to hard to patch up on my own if I knew what I'm doing.

i'd post a link to an imgur album showing what I'm talking about, but unfortunately it doesn't seem like the forum will let me.
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