Spear Thrust While Blocking with Shield on Foot

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I mean spears are currently a little bit weak and even i'm telling this when i'm not really fan of spears. You can consider to allow thrust attacks with spears while blocking a direction with shield. This will bring new balance problems of course. Spearmen will be more defensive aganist ranged weapons. I mostly fear for one handed weapon powerlessness in this situation. And one more thing; shield walls can turn into phalanxes with this which is even more terrible.
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I really liked this idea, but multiplayer players are the reason why spear is so ****ing bad, so they'd cry
Shields could simply be made to protect the area where they are at regardless of whether right click is pressed or not. Of course, they shouldn't protect more than where they are at either.
I was thinking about this the other day, as well. Perhaps it could be balanced so that you can only thrust with a spear while blocking left, high, or low, since the spear is in the right hand and it would be hard to thrust with the shield in front of it, so a counter to the tactic could be attacking left (spear-wielder's right). And perhaps if you end up taking a hit on the shield while in the animation for the blocking-thrust it staggers you, leaving you open for a second. Just thoughts for balancing it.
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