Speaking with the old guy at the village easier.(question)

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I was wondering if anybody could tell me, or direct me to a guide on how to put an option in the village menus to speak directly to the elder.
I'd really appreciate help so please do.


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I believe somebody posted code for this a while ago since I integrated it in my mod.  Unfortunately, I don't remember who to give credit to, but if you add the blue text below into module_game_menus.py I think this should work.

      ,"Manage this village.",
          (assign, "$g_next_menu", "mnu_village"),
          (jump_to_menu, "mnu_center_manage"),

#SW - Talk to village elder START     
      ("village_elder_talk",[(neg|party_slot_eq, "$current_town", slot_village_state, svs_looted),
                        (neg|party_slot_eq, "$current_town", slot_village_state, svs_being_raided),
                        (neg|party_slot_ge, "$current_town", slot_village_infested_by_bandits, 1),]
      ,"Speak with the Village Elder.",
          (call_script, "script_cf_enter_center_location_bandit_check"),
          (party_get_slot, ":village_scene", "$current_town", slot_castle_exterior),
          (party_get_slot, ":village_elder_troop", "$current_town",slot_town_elder),
          (set_visitor, 11, ":village_elder_troop"),

          (call_script, "script_init_town_walkers"),

            (check_quest_active, "qst_hunt_down_fugitive"),
            (quest_slot_eq, "qst_hunt_down_fugitive", slot_quest_target_center, "$current_town"),
            (neg|check_quest_succeeded, "qst_hunt_down_fugitive"),
            (neg|check_quest_failed, "qst_hunt_down_fugitive"),
            (set_visitor, 45, "trp_fugitive"),


          (change_screen_map_conversation, ":village_elder_troop"),
        ],"Door to the village center."),
#SW - Talk to village elder END

      ("recruit_volunteers",[(call_script, "script_cf_village_recruit_volunteers_cond"),]
      ,"Recruit Volunteers.",

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(Obviously replacing "Planet Elder" with "Village Elder")

Anyways, thanks for that Hokie, and whoever it was that wrote that code in the first place. I think I'll be borrowing that for my mod as well. And I think I could find this thread a spot in my little guide, too.  :grin: