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update 1.4.5:

Version 1.4 needed. Extract version 1.4.5, copy it and paste it in the Module folder, overwriting. Not Save-Game Compatible.

Version 1.4 needed. Not Save-Game Compatible
Check the new version of the pdf file in the mod's folder (CONFIGURATE WARBAND FOR SPARTA)
- implemented as an option (set by default) the after-wounded playing as one of your soldiers feature. It occurs only in sieges' battles, if you are not a freelancer and if you still have alive men in your party.
It was not possible to implement it in normal battles because it is not compatible with formations’ scripts, but it add fun to long siege battles. As I said, if you don’t like it, you can disable it in the camp menu.
- the chance of breaking the spear is related to its quality, added masterwork level which will never break (not usable for custom troops).
- for those who experience lag in the campaign map, it is possible to play the mod with lighter army icons (It always uses the small army icons halving the weight of the models). To do so, copy the file in the folder named Map icon to change/Reduced icons' size and paste it in the main folder of Sparta(overwriting). To reverse to the normal icons, copy the file in Map icon to change/Normal icons' size and paste it in the main folder of Sparta (overwriting). You can do it also during ongoing campaigns.
- when you start your own kingdom, you get custom troops by default for your new faction (you can still change the troops\culture by camp menu)
- endless siege reinforcements' waves (this way it also reduces the chance of ctd during the assalut the city and assault the castle stages and combined with the playing after player-death feature, it should add fun. I strongly recommend to use the realistic save option when you start a campaign because of the great chances it saves the game if a ctd occurs after a long siege battle
- when you are king you can increase relations with your lord also "showing how much you respect him" now paying a huge amount of money (100.000) for 10 relation points. This amount has ben adjusted to this number not to break the late game, when you are usually a powerful king full of money and the only real problem is to keep your many lords with good relations. To set a smaller price for that powerfull feature would make feasts and assign marshalship usless and the late game without any trill.
-a new unique siege scene for the polis of Sparta
-other minor fixes
Great mod!

Enjoying the spear-oriented combat a lot.

I have one Problem: The sound is cracking like crazy. The music, the shouts, everything. I checked the data - these are fine. But ingame it sounds like headphones that are not pluged in fully, if you know what I mean.

I fixed the issue. Solution:
open rgl config in your wb folder under documents and change "use_winnm_audio = 1" to "use_winnm_audio = 0"
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Hello Zedpaolo,
I realized you made an other mod next to REnaissance, and I had to try it out. It seems very good, I like the change of pace (similar to Renaissance).

However, I have the same problem in both mods: the AI bots wipe the floor with me. Their attack animations are too fast. I tried to change it in the options, to put it on normal until I practice with the spear. But it seems that the setting doesn't save, but resets to highest combat AI and fastest animations.
I checked other mods (Native and Knights the last battle), it seems that those mods don't have this problem.

Now, since this "auto reset to highest AI" is only in these mods, I wonder if these are on purpose? If yes, is there a way to turn the difficulty down?

THanks a lot!
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