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SpaceWard Defender

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Lord Benrir

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Upon the command of high-lord Ibanez Modbane, I stand here before thee today! For I have a gospel for to speak!--And now, let's drop the semi-medievalian thing and get on with it;
Ibanez has been working on a new space-defender type of flash-game. It is called ”SpaceWard Defender”(and naturally I was sent here to do the dirty work! :razz:): I'd like to tell you more, but alas; I have no idea how much I can share before getting my arse sued to Mars or beyond. :wink:
So without any further ado; Beta gameplay footage! (Note: music and odd mumbles are not part of the final soundtrack)

P.S: Oh, sweet! There actually was a description with the video! D:
"SpaceWard Defender is a space shooter strategy defense type of flash game. Where you build different kinds of modules and put them together to create an immersive space station with its own power generators and weapons to defend your home planet against the enemy attacks. Lots of weapons to choose with tons of upgrades, a dozen of enemies and a cool story with original soundtracks. Prepare to be dominated!" ~Ibanez


Dev graphics are always awful. :razz:

So essentially a 360 degree free form tower defense game. Nice concept, could see it working well with mobile devices.
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