OSP Sci-Fi 3D Art Spaceship Scene Props and Tron Helmets

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Forum thread for the OSP author Yiyang Chen, indexing a MBRepository file (the author can have the thread reattributed to him/her on request should he/she become active again).

This file is a present to all scific lovers and people who plan to make scific mods for the game. It is a primary project, only a bit is done. The ship style is related to the movies cargo and pandorum, it's kinda dark, and cold.
If anybody is planning to do sth like this, I will make more.

Remark by moderator: The OSP author planned to do a lot of things here but realised only a few. The OSP contains the following objects:
  • space_ship_corridor_a
  • space_ship_joint_a-a_I
  • space_ship_joint_a-a_T
  • space_ship_joint_a-b_I
  • space_ship_door_b
  • space_ship_hypertank
  • helmet_tron_1
  • helmet_tron_2

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