Sp world map tracks detectable?

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U know like that arrows that appear while u or any party travels world map:
Edit1:So ma questions are:

Where is it defined in module system/ can it be detected /has anyone any expirience with editing em?
Is Wse able to cast something about that?
Ah, somehow I missed this question of yours. These arrows are done by the tracking skill of your character, the higher your skills, the more informative they are. Additional you have at module.ini the setting track_spotting_multiplier = 0.8 (or similar) which is working as some kind of multiplicator. If you set it to zero, you will never see any tracking marks, no matter how high your skills are.
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I don't know if you can detect them, but you can edit them.
They live in map_icon_meshes.brf, their mesh is named track so you can easily overwrite them.

A quick test by assigning a weapon model as the "track" does this.


These models are technically assigned to use ground_earth as their material, but are force into using either map_misc or map_track. So you will probably have to edit that texture as well. And a full 3d model does go. . . weird, sometimes. Scale wise.

Did more research with max tracking and a new flat grey map_misc.dds.


The meshes are scaled up depending on party size. On a 2d mesh, this isn't too much of an issue, but with 3d? You can get some very, very big boys. As you can see, age is depicted as a vertex coloration, slowly moving from red to yellow to blue/grey. map_misc is really only used for track, battle_track and battle_icon so you can change that texture, so long as your replacements for those icons are also using that texture.
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Thank you and sorry late reply.
But no not realy. Iwanted to know where they are to find in the module ms folders.

i wanted to get a exact distance on the map between the starting point and the players party to limit the player parties movement.
My idea was to let the script count the tracks behind him and stop its moves once e.g. 10 tracks have been set.
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Sounds easier to either edit the world map accordingly or - given that AI parties should be able to travel in the forbidden zones - use calculations of the world map coordinates within a script to handle actions to the player once he moves outside of predefined areas.
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