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Hello everyone, in special the developers.

Greetings from South America Dear TaleWorlds, I'll be brief with your time.
I am the representative of the Warband group in Brazil, we are a lot of fans of the game Mount & Blade, we have created big tournaments and some paid with prizes and we want to migrate strongly to Bannerlord (most of us already have the game) but there is a big problem for our transition: We don't have a server.

There are some reasons for me to convince you that there we need the Port for a server, let's go.

• In Latin America, there is a large Argentine and Brazilian community, however, as a matter of route, the "ping" of an Argentine on a Brazilian server is excellent, but the opposite is very bad. While we play on Argentine servers with 100-150 ping, they play on our servers with 15-30. That would just be an infrastructure problem between the countries, a Brazilian server would be able to supply the entire continent and that's my point.

• In Warband, my community was responsible for at least 2000 thousand keys purchased, thanks to videos, promotion, events, etc. With a Bannerlord server, the need to recruit more players reappears, not to mention a great demand for a server with a good ping server, which is precisely what prevents more players from South America, who have the game, from playing. A server of ours would solve this problem.

When we heard about the private championships and that new servers were coming up, we were very excited. Please give this opportunity to this dense community, we will be forever grateful.
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