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So, you know a bit about Module System, you're intrigued by the Open Source nature of the mod, you even think you might be willing to spend some time working on the code.

Here are a few things that I'd love to see done, commented neatly and packaged so that I can do some copy-pasta integration, if there are any coders out there that love the mod or just love this kind of stuff in general, but don't have time to do a full-fledged project of their own.  Just PM me your code, preferably in chunks on a text-sharing 'site, with an explanation of the changes made, and I'll look at it and include it in official builds.  I'd set up a SVN / Git repo for this mod, but frankly, I don't think there's quite that much interest.  I have gotten a few people who've modded the mod over time, though, and I'm interested to see if this might help me with some of the kitchen-sink stuff that delayed 1.5 without having to build a team with all the hassles that implies.

1.  There is a working, but unfinished / unpolished auto-formation feature.  It allows end-users to hit a key and automatically put their troops in certain formations. 

Unfortunately, most of the custom formation code doesn't exist. 

Feel like writing it?  Check out order_weapon_type_switch in module_scripts, it should be pretty obvious where to go from there.  This is a fairly easy project if you know a bit about vectors and understand the NW order system a bit.

2.  The Death Knights never attack past the Sarranid zones, because I originally wanted 4 different Death Knight parties, each led by a unique evil guy / gal (two male, two female) to get a randomized battle plan set up at the start of a game that they would then execute once it was time, taking all of X kingdom's castles / towns until conquered, then Y (but circling back to re-take any they lost), etc., etc. 

I never intended it to be "smart" or anything like as detailed as the Lord AI behaviors; the Death Knights are very deliberately not using Lord code, so don't worry about that, we just want them to take over Calradia if the player doesn't prevent it.

Their code is pretty simplistic right now and can be found at script_invasion_control in module_scripts.

3.  If the player defeated all 4 Death Knight locations, flags were supposed to be set (these are "portals" from which the Death Knight hordes are coming, in my never-to-be-seen backstory). 

If all 4 flags were set, the player would (finally!) be given a victory scene, where they'd be transported to a special scene, could talk to people in the scene and hear about how awesome they were for saving Calradia, etc.

None of that is really done, other than some smidgens in the code tied into mnu_black_castle_1 and the consequences after a successful battle.  This is a moderate-difficulty project, but it'd be soooo cool, and I'd probably feel compelled to build the Scene and the code / conversation stuff if this part was finally operational.

4.  There are huge bugs pertaining to making your Companions into Lords. 

See the Bug Reports for 1.251 for examples; it's pretty easy to re-create these bugs, too. 

I still have no idea why the bugs are occurring, largely because I'm lazy, I never make Companions into Lords when testing the mod, and because I'm lazy.  If anybody ever investigates those issues and gives me a patch that fixes it, you'll make a lot of the mod's players veeeeeeery happy (with you, not with Mr. Lazy here).

That's all for now... this is kind of a social experiment, I'll check and see what happens over the next few months :smile:  If you have specific questions or want to discuss implementation stuff, feel free to use this thread, I'll read it when I can and respond when I have time :smile:
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