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as of 1.5.10 modding .banks directly in Sounds\PC doesnt work for some strange reason 😞

please, i would like to know exactly how are modders supposed to replace any default sound as of 1.5.10, the existing info isnt usefull if any, because its either incomplete or simply does not apply/work anymore ( has it ever worked?), editing an module_sounds.xml to match the limited info one can gather from extracting any .bank in sounds/pc and mirroring that inside the file with some cryptic instructions from days past for the sound path to be loaded in the engine doesnt work either 😒


i tried fiddling with replacing guids from guids.xml in module_sounds.xml and all that, names and different paths, waste of time , and im very sadened that modding banks directly doesn t work anymore ,i dont want to ADD new ones i want to mod the existing ones .

just modifiing guids makes some sounds dissapear completely and/or mid battle the other sounds dont play or cut aswell.

what i want to mute: the horse trotting/galloping sounds in world map and the notification sounds, how does one go about doing that exactly? one of the old mod that i know of is of course not working as of 1.5.10 because its modding the .bank directly. as i did in the past.
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I've talked with our audio developer and he said that we never supported the bank related changes. If you have any other problems with the current system please let us know!

Hi! I posted a similar thread here:

I used to be able to replace sounds by editing them, and then repackaging the .bank file, but that no longer works. I'd be interested in learning how to REPLACE sound files, not add sound files.

Thanks in advance!

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