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How can I change the musket sound? 
I downloaded the NTW musket sound, but the new updated musket sound doesnt go away. Its so bloody ridiculous.

How on earth did they make that sound? ask a cat to sneeze? 
well, i hate to self-promote, but:,169492.0.html

should work with the latest patch...they didn't appear to change the sounds since 1.41.
Not to belittle the excellent sound mod posted above, but the muted *phut* noise in the current Vanilla version is accurate.

Smoothbore longarms sound like that when fired.
The native sound, while greatly improved, still sounds too much like merely a powder discharge, not like firing an actual ball

That said, my main gripe with the firearms sounds is that they don't differentiate by type of lock... 
while the new sound is more accurate i do miss the thunderous boom of the earlier discharges.
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