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Sound Issue

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As the title says, I am having a sound issue. During battles, the combat sounds are slowed down. The sounds are slurred. The death sounds are the most noticeable, but generally the male voice sounds i.e. yelling, are compromised. I've only noticed the issues recently. I haven't made an major changes to my system or minor for that matter. the only thing that I have done is install the Win 7 security updates on the 10th of the this month.

Ive reinstalled the game and there is no change also I played a generic battle and the sounds are normal. The issue is with my current save game. I saw a post from 2 years ago about the same issue, but there were no solutions.


I did some trouble shooting:

uninstalled & and reinstalled the game- no change
uninstalled recent win 7 security updates - no change
opened rgl config txt file and changed some settings - gods no it made the sound worse!
fiddled with some of the sound settings on my sound card - made it a bit better, but problem still exists

& finally

opened the warband configuration menu and turned off "enable sound variation" - problem solved

Battle sounds are back to normal

Thank you self :smile:

Whats weird is I do not recall turning this setting on and from what Ive read, its flawed. So there really is no reason to turn it on.

Hopes this helps someone.


Congrats for the solution. I had this issue once. I had made a huge progress in that save. Is your save similar to mine?
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