SOUND BUG - Please Read!

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Next patch you get these for free because they cant fix the bug xD


Highly suggest you play this game with an earplug on all the way to your death. Cuz God is never gone, he was just taking a nap, he will come back again and again, till the day we all doom OR till the day we all take his word as the highest.
May the sound of holy always be with us as God has never left us, AMEN.


It had finally gone to sleep but we have disturbed it again!
O' merciful Bannerlord gods please hear our plea and help thy children in their time of distress.
Oh no its alive! We asked for too much of tweaks and now bannergod is angry! Throw more virgins into sacrifice pit to please it D:


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Are you still experiencing this issue after today's hotfix? (e1.5.8.263030)
I played a good 2-3 hours last night and got the issue every 20-30 mins for a few seconds.

I played 2-3 hours today and haven't experienced it once.

Anyone else had it since? Might it be finally fixed?


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It’s “finally fixed” in the sense that it will be back in 2 weeks because paying money for a QA team and having them play the multiplayer update that is about to go live is sooooooo 2011.

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The latest hotfix fixed the issue of sound of doom. Please let me know if you experience it again or something familiar to this. Thanks!
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