In Progress Sound Bug, it makes our ears bleed.

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This is ear bleed, all players experience this. Everyone on the server experiences this sound bug. I tried to record it but it is more prolonged and is everywhere. Makes the game unplayble. Plz fix.

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This is NOT about discord. I had the exact same sound, I'm always at a low volume like %22 but even I had to take off my headphones, it was that terrible, I can't imagine how much worse would it be in higher volumes. Everyday another issue, do you have some disgruntled employees messing up the game on purpose or something? Because this is too much. I changed the main volume and effects volume but I doubt it's the reason. Seems like a common bug.


I got the same thing happen today. I thought it was something with my audio, and then I saw the chat messages that everyone has experienced it


@MArdA TaleWorlds

This is server-side and is dependent on when the player joins, it is random but at 3:00 mins of them joining the player gets the sound bug. All players experience this meaning we all get that problem. In our experience servers either crash or have this sound error. On that day servers been constantly crashing then suddenly the sound bug started being a thing that day.

The bug also shows up based on where you are in some situations, for example when approaching the sewers in Skirmish(Roman Map) wwhile the bug is active the sound will come in however when leaving the place the sound bug won't be there. It is very random and It is very hard to replicate. It does happen frequently on duel tho.


Please patch this as soon as possible, this is actually headache-inducing and is very very unpleasant.

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Come on, roll it back or do something, this can't be the solution to let the playerbase go deaf on this. Rather have the servers crash than this issue, please roll it back.

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If you are experiencing this issue while playing the game through Steam, please try deleting all files in the "SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Sounds folder" and then validate your game files by right-clicking the game in your Steam Library and selecting "Properties... > Local Files > Verify integrity of game files..." If the issue persists after this it would help us greatly if you could reach out to us here and let us know.


I no longer get sound bug so I assume it works normally. Some people say they still have it but I am not sure really.
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