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Summary: When I attempt to go into multiplayer it loads but once the beginning hammer and sword thing starts to play, I get a pop-up crash report that claims that there was an issue loading the sound bank files
How to Reproduce: When I launch multiplayer it loads in fine but when the hammer and sword scene starts it gives the crash pop up
Scene Name (if related): Hammer and sword begging scene
Media (Screenshots & Video): I do not have the screen shots because I'm not sure and I am currently attempting to redownload the game as a last effort to make it work
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Could you try this workaround?
If you are experiencing this issue while playing the game through Steam, please try deleting all files in the "SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Sounds" folder and then validate your game files by right-clicking the game in your Steam Library and selecting "Properties... > Local Files > Verify integrity of game files..." If the issue persists after this it would help us greatly if you could reach out to us here and let us know.
Unfortunately after reinstalling and doing what tou suggested the problem remains and I still get the same message. I also have a suspicion that it is caused by the vioce meter I have installed
A miracle happened, it just magically started working im not sure if that was you fixing something but thanks for the assistance
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