B Musket Era Sound and Smoke FX Mod v3.0 up!

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LittleJP said:
It's a little....bassy for my tastes.
Mmm, but it's how they sound IRL... Also, it may have helped if you played Empire: Total War, especially with the Smoke and Blood Mod, and the weapon SFX mod.
It's a good way of making the firearms sound appropriately loud, without actually making them realistically loud to the point where it's painful/damaging.
This mod made my game so much better. It now feels like  real battlefield with all the smoke and realistic sounds.                            also when i get hit by a grenade the world turns black around me like my death has arrived. In game of course.
heh, I also replaced my whiz sounds with sonic cracks.

may I ask you: did you use any Armed Assault sound mods to do this? :F
I did with mine.

Great mod.
unfortunately, the sound engine speeds up those sounds for no apparent reason. i even slowed down the audio a bit to balance it out, but it didn't work. so they won't sound exactly as they're intended.
Yeah, I meant no disrespect.  The musket shots are fantastic.  Really livened up the battlefield.  I love letting my pistol go and watching the guy fly back like ten feet.  The new sounds really make it sound like something like that would blow someone off their feet.
no disrespect taken. :smile:

just a heads up, since i have been playing a bit of MP lately: this mod works fine in multiplayer.
thanks, bud!

it might be totally pointless, but i am going to post a version with completely revised sounds soonish. i used the module system to really expand how many sounds the guns can use. for instance, there are 11 distant firing sounds now, instead of 2.
In have really enjoyed what you have done.  It adds a great deal.  I'm looking forward to your future work.
anyone know why I'm getting a weird spaceship sound when I'm traveling across the map? instead of horse sounds its a really loud SWOW SWOW SWOW SWOW SWOW, only does it when I have these sounds on and I cant work out which one is causing it.

version 1.138, I fiddled around with the sounds a little, when ever I replace the sounds.txt so it loads the custom sounds folder the noise plays.

edit; your last post about version got me thinking, realized there was a patch out, downloaded, installed, all is well now. Great mod absolutely love it. keep it up.
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