Sorting and Filtering of Party List

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Clicking through the party list is frustrating me, so here comes my suggestion for improving it.

Add a filter button next to the Troops arrow.

Add options to sort the list by.
1. rank
2. type
3. group
4. time
5. nation

I'd then set group as first sorting criteria, then rank.

So my highest ranking infantry would be at the top.


+1 Add to this headings with totals - how many archers do I have? I'm constantly counting archers. The headings would be the groups of whatever I am sorting by:
Type: Archers, total: 15.
Rank: 5 total: 37.
Nation: Brittania, total: 32

I'd love to see totals in the inventory as well - how many horses do I have?



Rank, type, formation and faction is my wish. Maybe the formation could also be displayed on each troop in the list (not having to select it to see it)?


oh, yes, please add sorting in party...urgently.
and a sort for un-upgraded units too please (or an auto-upgrade feature for units)... my scroll wheel button hurts... (as does my left wrist for pressing alt...(thatr cant be unbouded it seems..)
but yes.... SORT ParTy!


I'll quote my other comment on another thread here:
"Currently the order of troops in party screen affects the mission side spawning and positioning. So we don't want to implement a feature that would disrupt how players were playing previously, without also implementing a solution for it. So that's the reason we haven't yet implemented a sort feature in party screen."

This doesn't mean we're not going to implement this though, so stay tuned for news on this matter.
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