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The Legend Returns! Sons of War, a Semi-Fantasy Total-Conversion, brings us to world named "Lorn". A long fluent story and world writen and designed by scripwriters of famous pieces that will get you hooked.

"...yes, roses keeps me alive.I had fallen off a cliff and it had prevented me from falling apart. When I stood up all I saw were roses that were too large and too numerous to count, which that could be more protective and compassionate than humans..." Lord Loren Soth's Diary, Page 162

"...Neither of us forgot the men in orange armor we saw that day and the pain they inflicted on us. WE WILL NEVER FORGET!" Character's Diary, Page 64

"..While I was looking for the strongest, I came across things that I never expected. What I did was not to find the strongest, it was to convince myself that I was the strongest. So because of what I've done, now they are trying to find me to deceive themselves,, What a shame." Famous Quote of Lü Bu, while in The Shadow Hill

" Why am I not dying? why am I constantly being reborn? WHY CAN I NEVER BE ALONE AND HAVE TO FACE ALL THE PAIN??... I understand now, the way to be alone is not to die. If that's the case, I'm going to kill everyone who comes in my way so I can enjoy the solitude now." Fenrir, in the episode of Battle with a Sertain Stranger

Hello dear gamers, we promised to make this mod for bannerlord and we keep our promise. Maybe we will increase your excitement, which has gone down, because I am here with a project that is bigger and more incredible than you ever expected. We've been thinking about it for a long time and we're going to put a lot of effort into making it feel like a seriously new game, not a casual mod. We can wait for new campaign start and full release for modding, That time our plans finish the scenarios and worlds materials. Lemme introduce in detail:

We Are Literally Creating a New Universe.

We have prepared so well the characters and their designs, their backgrounds and futures, their dialogues and personalities that you will feel like you are watching a movie or reading like a tolkien book. We will provide a seamless experience, inspired and assisted by some masterpieces made in early years.

We Made the Kingdoms Realistic Down to the Details.
Instead of adding too many cities or castles, we are designing kingdoms or clans with enough locations but so detailed and large that we are preparing an environment where you can make a really big connection with a exact region and spend hundreds of hours even after the scenario.

We're Slightly Increasing the Game Difficulty for More Competition.
Instead of an order that everyone can come and finish in a jiffy or simply get over, you have to think seriously and do the right thing at the right time. In Boss fights, you will feel like you are playing a souls like game. Experiences always pays off...

OST's, All Produced and Enstrumented by Me, Will Make You Feel You are in This World.

I literally play and produce all musics and atmosfers by myself. In this way, I strive for everything that will relax you or get you hype at the right place and time during gameplay.



Lantan: The first boulder in Lorn. It is thought to have been caused by a fallen leaf of the Great Tree. Tons of different peoples have lived for millennia.

Tashallar: Once part of Dale, it was cut off and merged with Lantan. It is home to many ports.
The Vast: In that area, the piece of rock that comes to the surface because the height of the water is lowered.
Dale: A large boulder from the north. Over time, it was divided into pieces and some of it was covered with ice.
Monipeller: The boulder from the south. It split in two over time, but still passes through the same region.
Darfell: A region covered with snow and ice in the north of Dale. Many caves and secret passages shelter.
Akm: A region where "The Vast" was before, but changed when "The Vast" came to the surface.
Lazar: A desert region in the north.It is known that because the island was burned in the time of the earth, then it turned into a desert in time.
Dragon's Gate Mountains: Mountains where a dragon once lived, in the North Lazar
The Shadow Hill: The Highest peak of The Lorn. The mountain where the strongest warriors try to reach to top of mountain. Those who tried were either cannot be returned or were found their bodies falled from the top. It is believed that there is a mighty power or a being at the top.
Mountains of Alakhta: The mountain named Alakhta who the legendary warrior, in the South Monipeller
Moon Sea: The mysteriously glowing ocean under the moonlight. Lights are scattered in certain areas. It still keeps its mystery.

Waterdeep Lake: The area in the middle when Tashalar and Dale split. Over time, it collapsed under water and became a lake. It has turned into a trade sphere.


Lord Soth:

Lord "Loren" Soth, the Black Rose Knight

The character I almost gave my life for. I have made designs that will show that he is a lord while preserving his scary appearance.
There is a little bit of some 3D model for his game look


Lü Bu:


Lü Bu, the Strongest Human Alive

The mighty-looking and glorious legendary warrior that you will be terrified to see.

And his legendary Weapon, A True Sky Scorcher


Amakuni, A Blacksmith Samurai

A rebellious former samurai who has come from faraway lands and has the characteristics and image of the land he came from.



Zephyr, The Holder of the Abyss

For provide his dark appearance, he designed like a "Dark Lord"

Black Riders:


Black Riders, Zephyr's followers

some scene props for use in the mod:







What is "Orb"? Orbs is the name given to the elements in the universe. Each has a different master and they all have unique abilities. Details will be given later.

A lot of information and concepts is saving for devblogs. Just wait for understand each element in the mod. It will be slow, but I want it to draw you in.

Planned features:
- A story that you can play for many hours.

- Not only one map, I will add a few more maps that can be played on specific times.
- 100+ new NPC and Characters can make better experience
- Countless new features and different experiences for all members
- Puzzles that sometimes you can spend a lot of time on.
- It's a world you'll wonder and explore whether you can just play through.

- Completely new systems and troops, locations or game map

I'm gonna make devblogs everyweek. Sometimes for introduce characters or sometimes for kingdoms maybe sometimes story details or models.
As I write here, I will add detailed information to the wiki. (For those who want to go into more details.)

Update links(I'll drop a link here for Devblogs or FAQ's)

See you for now,,,
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