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The Sons of Rurik are Recruiting

SoR is an NA MnBII: Bannerlord clan with plenty of room to grow as well as a long history. We've been around for 3+ years total; 1 under the SoR name and 2 under our old name House Brightfyre. SoR strives for a competitive environment without the toxicity of d*ck measuring contests between members. With years of comraderie and history under our belts, SoR has opened its doors to new faces.

In SoR You Are Guaranteed:
  • A Place to Be Yourself
  • A Place to Improve Your Skills
  • A Home With People Who Value and Appreciate You

Membership in the SoR comes in two ways. One type of membership is to join our smerdy or essentially our peasant levies. The requirements are very relaxed, but it also means limited privileges. The other membership is to be invited into one of our ships (which means spending time as part of our peasant levies first so we can get to know you). The ships operate as persistent squads, guaranteeing your ability to develop close rapport with the people you will most often be fighting alongside. Members of a ship take on activity requirements as well as agreeing to play exclusively for SoR. In return, they also vote in clan matters when applicable, and in doing so help steer the clan where it needs to go.

Both types of membership are encouraged and valued! Just because you can't be on every day doesn't mean we don't appreciate your contributions. The divide in membership is simply so that I know what to expect and how to move forward with my members.

Roster: Here you can find our ranking structure as well as our current active roster. Active roster does not include our smerdy, only our ship members.

All of our activities and events happen via Discord. Join us there to become a member of the SoR!
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