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Sons didn't spawn and Can't be party Leaders

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Hi guys, I'm playing beta 1.5.4, I having some Issues with the game:

I'm playing my third game, well I have after manymany years my sons as mature Guys, but I have a Problem:

1) They say on clan menu when they are 18+ that them are Holding for example, and never appear on any city, the workaround is making them Governors and take them to the Party from the keep.

2) They can't be assigned as Governors from Clan/Fief tab, they could be Assigned being in the city and then assign them.

3) I want to train them being as party Leaders, but I can assign the quest Brothers and Companions, but no any sons.

4) There is many young Kiddos and 18+ from other clans, that never spawn in the game, I noticed that when I was looking for a wife.

- Is there any workaround to make them Party Leaders?.
-Any wise dude know any from the code that what triggers the true spawn without the Governor Trick?

Please at least report this bug.


I had this happen in 1.5.3: I had two sons, one became my eternal companion as he didn't leave the city like he should and the other became another lord for parties. It was strange. I have no solution for you sadly, I just went on playing until the campaign was won.


I assigned him as govenor to get him out also and the other worked properly.
Interesting that you could have a son as party leader, I have my last Daughter at lvl 30 as my character but can't be a part leader.

Btw you have only a broken son?.


Correct: My character got two sons in my savefile and One became a Lord that could lead armies, he 'ran' away from the Asurai capital when he reached 18 or so and became available for leading armies a moment after in the list and everything, while the other son who was a little older never ran away so I tried making him a Govenor to get him unstuck and decided to take him into my army as an eternal companion.


I have had this in 1.5.3. My little sh*t, Antilius (I think it was?) is 18, has a terrible bowlcut, and is apparently just holding in whatever settlement you're not at in your nation. You go to the nation, and he cannot be found. I don't think I tried to make him a party leader yet (because already have max number of parties in the field leading large numbers of men).
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