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Greetings followers!
As you probably know, we are preparing for you the next version of Song of Taliesin - 2.0. Lots of new features are planned, so it will take some time before you will be able to try the next build. I have prepared a small preview, in which we'll be giving you a sneek peak at what to expect, as well as hints on what lies beyond.



New set of better, accurate weapons and dress will be worked out for every culture: helmets, swords, shields, garnments, etc. Examples, some could be WIP.

Gaelo-Briton kit by Gedus


Briton kit by Gedus


Pictish kit & Saxon boar helmet by Gedus


Anglo-Saxon kaftan by Gedus


Pictish T-bar axe by Rathos


Pictish shield by Rathos


Leine by me

Angons by Michał & Czeslav

Vendel helmet by Tatari Okan:

And few in-game screenshots of new kit



Lots of new scenes will progressivly included. This will give you the chance to visit 6th century Dunadd, Dumbarton or Traprain Law among many other mighty fortress. We are also planning to make several scene props, lots of them are already done. Examples.

All by Vain & Sir Luca:







Lot of quests are planned, this will be done progressivly. They will involve famous NPCs such as bards Taliesin, Aneirin and Myrddin, or 6th century saints Columba and Kentigern. Faction quests are also going to be changed:

Several ranges of quests should be made available through this system, depending on the reknown of your character. Thus if he already have enough reknown he will skip the lower quests.

First range of quests
Basic quests given mostly by minor lords. Available right at the beginning. This would be stuff like escorting someone (with triggered attacks if possible), taking part in a minor raid, rescuing a prisonner, or stuff like the quests from native.
Those quests would suppose no involvment in the faction/subfaction.

Second range of quests
This second range would suppose involvment in a faction or subfaction: military expedition with a precise purpose, bigger raids or missions, diplomacy, etc. The character will act as a real officer to the faction. At some point, he will be rewarded with a minor estate and get noble rank.

Third range of quests
This will be the start of the serious stuff. Depending on the subfaction he joins, several objectives will be possible.
For the leading subfaction:
- he may try to replace the official leader through alliances with other subfactions, diplomacy, or alliances with other factions
- he may try to replace the official leader with a rival, be it either a son, brother or something else
- he may serve the leader with loyalty and protect him against a subfaction rebellion, a conspiracy inside his own kin, or in a war against any foe.

For a not leading subfaction:
- he may try to lead it as above
- he may help it to became the leading subfaction of the faction, or assert an independancy.

For exemple, the character could help Cenél Loairn to get the power in Dal Riata instead of Cenél nGabrain. He may join the Bryneich subfaction in Bernicia, where the nobles will ask them to find the exiled king Morcant Bulc and assert its independancy against germanic Bernicia (eventually asking alliance of Rheged). He may join the kingdom of Crafu, and help its king Dunaut Bwr to get out of Urien Rheged domination.

Some examples of new quests:



We are going to add several guild houses and warrior/religious orders. Here's a quick characteristic of this feature.

Warrior Orders

The player will be able to join several warrior/fighting orders. Those orders will be linked to a faction, so he will need to have good relationship with the faction, or beeing part of it. If he betrayed the faction he will be chased of the order.

First quests will involve him to pass through a suit of tests to see if he can join the order. Then he will be given missions, sometimes in relation to a certain faction or subfaction. He will be given 'special units' as reward if he suceed in those missions, or to help him. Some NPCs could also join him that way.

In the end he may ends up as master of the order. Thus he will be given the hability to train the 'special units' in his estates or in a special place (such as Audheran Laecha if he joins them).

Joining an order will also help raising the relationship of lords part of that order.

Noble Houses

To enter a noble house or an order, it will be needed to have good relationship with the faction and some renown. The first quests may be fairly basic, leading a small warbands, raids, etc.
The final quests may be to help the noble house to lead the whole faction, and in the end it could be nice if the player can lead the noble house entirely. Several options could be possible:
- the player became joint ruler of the noble house
- the player replace the ruler after this one dies
- the player became heir by marring the sister or the daughter of the ruler.

Leading a noble house would give considerable power, hability to command all the other nobles of that houses, eventually recruit some mercenary captains, etc.

Religious Orders

Religious orders would be both pagan and christians. Christian orders would lead some diplomatic mission, or local conversion of rulers and folk.



We have implemented the new levy system. Once a week groups of levy warriors spawn near three vilages of faction. They are slowly travelling to the nearest town, but during the travel they harras nearby thieves and petty bandits. However they are not attacking stronger brigand groups. They are also helping local travelling peasants. Attacking the levy band means decreasing relations with their faction. When they reach the nearest town, they are automatically added to the garrison.

Here are some screenshots of levy parties:

This needs a bit explanation about troop types.

Bernician Levies

Acerweras - literally meaning "farmer band", the Anglo-Saxon levies.
Gebur - Anglo-Saxon peasant.
Yrwera - Anglo-Saxon levy archers.
Acerceorl - According to Anglo-Saxon dictionary "rustic, ploughman, farmer, field-churl, armer". It is another type of Anglo-Saxon levy, a bit wealthier than Gebur.

Dal Riadan levies

Ceithernachti - a skirmisher, basic Dalriadan levy.
Ranasiarda - Dalriadan levy archer.
Dim - the Pictish word for "youth"; Dal Riadans sometimes used neighbouring Picts as levies or mercenaries.

Alcluyd levies

Ardu - a skirmisher, basic Briton levy.
Galwyddel Cartreflu - Alcluyd levies from the Galwyddel pennisula; used when fighting pirates from Ireland.
Maetae Dim - Maeatae was a group of tribes living near the Antonine Wall on the borderlands of Dal Riada, Alcluyd and Pictavia; we know that they were fighting with Romans and Aedan mac Gabran defeated them in 584, in the battle of Miathi. These levies have a lot of common with Dal Riadan Scots, Alcluyd Britons and Fortriu Picts.



It will be completely revamped.

1. To which culture do you belong?
Choices between Gaels, Picts, Britons and Germanics. Eventually divides Germanics between continental germans, anglo-saxons and norse.

2. In which kingdom where you born and raised?
Depending on his 'nation', player will select from the various kingdoms. A map at this point could be a good thing.
It could be even possible to add another step with subkingdoms, tribes or kindreds.

3. Who was your father?
Depending on his culture, the player will access a different selection, eventually with the corresponding words. Thus an Irishman will select between Deais (chieftain), Fianadi (soldier) and bard among others; a Briton will choose among Tiern (chieftain), Milwr (soldier) and bard aswell; a Saxon will choose between Thegn (chieftain), Scald, pagan priest, etc.

- Southern Britain, kingdom of Gwent
- Southern Britain, kingdom of Dumnonia
- Southern Britain, kingdom of Durotric
- Southern Britain, kingdom of Dobunn
- Southern Britain, kingdom of Brycheiniog
- Southern Britain, kingdom of Glywysing
- Southern Britain, kingdom of Ergyng
- Southern Britain, kingdom of Gwynedd
- Southern Britain, kingdom of Powys
- Southern Britain, kingdom of Dyfed
- Northern Britain, kingdom of Ebrauc
- Northern Brittany, kingdom of Domnonia (Domnonée is the french name)
- South-west Brittany, kingdom of Cornubia
- South-east Brittany, kingdom of Wened (aka Bro Waroc)
- Iberia, kingdom of Galicia (the Brythonic colony in the Northern Spain)
- Isle of Man, Inis Manau

- Northern Ireland, kingdom of Ulaidh
- Northern Ireland, kingdom of Cruthin
- Northern Ireland, kingdom of Airgialla
- Northern Ireland, kingdom of Northern Ui Neill
- Northern Ireland, kingdom of Southern Ui Neill
- Northern Ireland, kingdom of Connaught
- South-west Ireland, kingdom of Muman (Munster beeing the english name)
- South-east Ireland, kingdom of Laigin
- South-east Ireland, kingdom of Brega
- South-east Ireland, kingdom of Mide

- Southern Pictland, kingdom of Fibb
- Southern Pictland, kingdom of Circinn
- Northern Pictland, kingdom of Fortriu
- Northern Pictland, kingdom of Cait
- Northern Pictland, kingdom of Orcades
- Western Isles, Sce
- Western Isles, Uist

- South-east Britain, kingdom of East Anglia
- South-east Britain, kingdom of Ceint
- South-east Britain, kingdom of Essex
- South Britain, kingdom of Mercia
- Southern Britain, kingdom of Wessex
- Northern Gaul, kingdom of Neustria
- Southern Gaul, kingdom of Aquitania
- Iberia, kingdom of Wisigoths
- Frisia, kingdom of Frisons
- Germania, kingdom of Jute-land
- Germania, kingdom of Dane-mearc
- Germania, kingdom of Angeln
- Germania, kingdom of Scyldings
- Germania, kingdom of Geats
- Germania, kingdom of Suedes
- Germania, kingdom of Thuringia
- Germania, kingdom of Allamania



In additon to above features, there is also going to be:

- a new map
- more banners
- polished 2d art
- new historical battles
- more companions
- new anmation of horn-blowing
- new battle morale system
- expanded cattle raids and cattle raiders parties
- new bandits and hostile parties
- new random events
- new mercenaries
- naval battles and sea travel

...and lots of bugfixes, corrections, re-balanced troops, new scripts et cetera, et cetera...



I believe it's the most important part of this preview. So:

- we are going to release closed beta for testing (1.5) in the June.
- we are going to release full version (2.0) in the August.
- we are not going to port mod to Warband until we will release version 2.0.

We hope you have enjoyed this preview of Song of Taliesin II, which will be available to download in the August!


Credits will be compiled later, slightly before the release.

A co, masz w tym jakiś interes?  :razz:


Kolba said:
A co, masz w tym jakiś interes?  :razz:

Nie, chyba, nie wiem... :razz:
Dobra.. opuszczam to forum, bo się zaraz jakieś masterczułki zjawią ;d -- jak chcesz usuń te posty ;P

Good luck with mod, anyway...


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Wow, that took me 10 min. to read. "New animation of horn blowing" is made if epic  :smile:
Some of the stuff is amazing.


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Cool,the noble house/warrior guild reminds me of Morrowind to some degree...
Kolba my friend I have only one thing to say : This be awesome!!!


Good work, I look forward for the final results.

Btw Kolba, how did the horn blowing turn out, did you get the horn rotated right? Maybe we could get a video preview of the horn blowing.  :smile:


Thanks guys!

I have been pretty busy lately so haven't been able to do anything in the horn matter. But I can do it, just give me few days.  :smile:


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Sheesh, nice preview! lots of detail and bags of goodies to enjoy for the next release. Gotta love a comprehensive preview. Good work guys!


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Wow, that IS a lot. Nice screenies too. So many factions, though? Will all those kingdoms be in?

Here you have either subfactions, ie noble houses and clans or subkingdoms inside one faction that may get rebel if you join it. You also have the possible faction of origin for your character, most are not portrayed on the map as he is supposed to be an outsider.
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