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Please if you are going to have thing like horses running slower than human beings enabled (when injured) please tell people so they don't download the mod. I hate this option, I think it adds zero realism relative to what this game is, it's not fun, and ruins the game for me. Normally there is an option to turn this off, I see no such option in this mod. Therefore the mod is unplayable.

Thanks for making the mod but I consider horses running slower than humans a little on the extreme side of things. And it is nothing but frustrating.


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Hello buddy,- you had coffie these days? No? I suggest you do.
This mod is dead lol, I bet it has been said countless of times to fix those things but the dev just ... quit.

I enjoyed the mod even with that feature, I hope someone will make anything similiar,anytime soon.


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Well, I loved this Mod... loved the levy system on recruitment of troops too.  It had allot going for it, lots of good features and game control.  too bad they stopped.  :cry:

The horse thing never bothered me, I liked it.  It forces you to play different and not take stupid risks.  In most Mods, Players are way overpowered when using Hvy Warhorses for example.

One good axe swing would cripple or lame horses legs. (thus stopping or at least slowing them down)  It should's too easy for people to just ride through or CLOSE to groups of enemies and just super-hero your way around the battle field.  That's too easy IMO.  I think most people start out like that in Warband but eventually when they get tired of it...they prefer more of a being on foot.

As a side note:
I play mostly Europe 1200 now but if this mod was still going i'd be all over it.  At first I thought the map was too big but now...I can't play smaller mod maps anymore.