Some thoughts on why i think bannerlord should become VR compatible

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Just try playing the game in first person and understand how much of a cluster **** that is, then consider what VR will be like the other 50% of the time when you're on the campaign map.

Overall doesn't sound like that great for an experience for the time it would take to develop.

Agreed "as-is" with Bannerlord, the way combat works etc... it would be MUCH cluster **** ... you are essentially looking at a brand new game/combat system that is built from the ground up to make the concept work, which is why I recommended Tales of Glory as an option because someone has done this already haha.

They did the campaign map quite well and very simply (NOTE: you don't need to actually be in "first person" wile in VR to add some depth & immersion), it's still birds-eye view where you can rotate/pan around freely and use trackpad/joystick to move party -- it's still very much "as it's always been" in perspective and control but adds a nice touch of depth/scale & immersion to it by viewing it all in VR. ... Campaign map is not the challenge -- reworking the entire combat, damage, (everything physics) system to be VR suitable... this is the challenge! haha

I noticed their store page doesn't actually show anything about the Campaign map... so here's a "Let's Play" from TheBaron going through it to get a feel: -- WARNING: Don't judge the combat gameplay, this video is from 2019 before all the physics reworks and such -- looks like a joke compared to what it is today :wink:
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