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1. The "looters" problem. The bandits parties is floding the map every segment. My caravans can't survive more than couple of days. And doesn't matter that caravans just a simple 15k costs, or an improved 22.5k. (In this point I have a proposal. Need a 3rd level caravan too. Not just the quality rising but the quantity too. Maybe a 35k cost caravan 50 caravanguard escorted party...)
2. I thing some skill leveling is too slow, or some activity can rising more than one skill. Example: the governor job. That job need more than just simple "steward" skill. I thing this job needs an engineering, and trader, charm/rougery, and maybe some time needs medicine too. As like the "captain" position. That position needs more than one skill. (Leadership, Tactics, Scouting, Medicine, Engineering, ect.)
3. Another proposal: Maybe needed separate the percs party/captain/personal/govenor/clan leader aspects. The curent percs system made too many bad compromism betven the diferent bonuses. (I belive.) Too many times I have to choose perks that one aspect or the other is unfavorable or utterly bad for me. Maybe if we can choose one personal/party leader percs and one governor/clan leader percs separated that's better.
4. This isn't just the 1.5.8 beta problem. The parties what I can form in my clan. They just simple patroling around my fiefs, or randomly join an army in my faction. I haven't any controll over them. I think they're parts of my clan and I'm they clan leader. I must a minimal control over them. Example: Go and deffend a city or castle. Patrol an area, Harasing (or not harasing) the enemy partys/caravans/villagers (<- or/and) an area, Be offensive/deffensive/neutral, ect. Very anoing thing I can made 3 other partys, I pay they wages, I gave them gear and they totaly uncontrolable. (And this options is very practical before I form a kindom or join a one.)
4/b. The minimal control theory extends to the kingdoms noble-parties. If the ruler is the player.

(I play with 1.5.8 beta branch)
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