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Hope that some devs may end up reading this!
First thing to say. Oh god i love this game. This game have so MUCH POTENTIAL. It's great right now (Getting on 350 hours played on my steam right now...)
Second, my english isn't my native, so if i end up sounding stiff or making some really big grammar mistakes, i'm sorry!

Now, for some feedback, suggestions and the such.

The first isn't directly about the game, but the project. I may be blind as a bat, and clueless as a potato but, there's an open roadmap of features planned for the future?
Not like "We will do this, than this, than this" but more like "We plan to add THOSE features. They will be implemented when possible."
If there is, where we could find it?

Nowwww to proper feedbacks, some may be ignored if there are already features been worked on!

Relationship, Loyalty and Diplomacy.

Right now, the speech system is really crude. It leads to save scumming because, it's just not working right it seems. Also, having to get, for exemple, 4 Wins, on a conversation that have only 4 stages is just bad. Make it one test, or give us on a conversation that need 4 sucesses, at least 6 possible stages so we can afford a fail. I imagine that's the future plans, but haven't seen anything around it.
Also, i would suggest to separate "Relation" into different relationships. It could be CPU costing, i imagine, but having personal relationship issues between clans, or even between clan members would be great.
And that leads to an loyalty score.This could point out how likely someone, or a whole vassal clan, is to betrayal you.
This Loyalty score could be open to be seen, like an stat, or could be occult, and you have to accert how loyal they are with in-game means, like using Spies to colllect information, maybe signing treaties with vassals to assure their loyalty. Right now, an Vassal with 100 relationship can just jump ship leave you, even if you're winning a war for exemple, it seems completely random.
Diplomacy got a boost at 1.4.1 but, i would suggest taking a look at some great mods that test some fun ideas, like DiplomacyFix, that introduces an "War Exaustion" mechanic, where you can for exemple, economically force another kingdom into proposing peace (And paying reparations) by been smart on how you siege, raid, and what to attack. Also, i would suggest that other clan roles be added, but that i can expand further on, but having a Diplomat to take on conversations, a Spymaster to gather information are things that seems to lack in the game.
Diplomacy, is a great tool for war games, and for exemple. I've captured Lucon. I have him prisoner, and the only use for him is to execute him (which is, right now a really bad system and too punitive) or to random him back for money? Would be great to be able to force an peace, because you're holding the head of another kingdom hostage.

Trade, Economy and Management.

It seems that you folks are going into a good direction with those, and have added some QoL improviments, for exemple been able to hire mercenaries directly from the tavern menu, not been forced into entering a loading screen, and finding then on the tavern.
I would say, that the same could be done for creating Caravans and buying Workshops.
Because, as for right now, as walking around the city may be immersive on the first two or three times,the fact that nothing happens, turns into a complete time waster.
You spend time loading the game,spend time walking around. Spend time on a meanless dialogue that doesn't offer options, for exemple, barter for a lower price to buy the workshop or to start a caravan. So yeah, add, maybe on the town menu, a "Business" tab and allow us to buy the workshops from there, same with starting caravans.
On that point, better clarification on Workshop needs for input and output of resources. Maybe, allow us to directly input raw resources on an workshop stash for their use, and allow us to buy their products directly from then with a discount, because we are the sponsors of the place.
On caravans, please, allow us to select their route. Maybe, open an "paper" map of the continent, and you select town by town their route. This could allow us to actually have caravans in times of war, because, having all my caravans been crazy to try and go sell something, on the other side of the map, having to traverse hundreds of miles of enemy territory is a death sentence.
And, Caravans could have a better explanation of what resources are they carrying. For exemple, create an caravan for an Ironmonger, okey they travel with armor, weapons, tools, and raw iron,steel and the like.
Oh a caravan from a Wine maker, so they'll trade Wine and Grapes, maybe if they have a surplus of space, they could take something more.
Giving us better clarity of the caravan system, and better ways to plan it, would be perfect. This could even allow us to set up supply lines between settlements.

And on settlements. Beside showing, what villages are bound to the Town,show us what Castles (And thus, their villages by extensions) are bound to a Town, so we can better plan what business to operate in each town.
Lastly, i think, on this, please, for the love of the Holy, allow the Smithery, or Carpentry, or i don't know who, to produce Charcoal, or even Iron Ore producing villages may have COAL. Because, having to run around Battania to buy hardwood to be able to craft is just,again, time consuming.
On time consuming, it would be awesome, for exemple, if i'm on a siege, and seeing that i'm gonna run low on food.If i could command a companion to take some soldiers, and make a supply run on nearby towns and villages. You transfer then some money, and you could order then to "Go to the nearst and get food" and they will go, and use THEIR trade skill to buy food.
Same could be done if you're one a town and want some specific raw resource, let's say,Olives, to fill up your town with 3 olive oil presses. You could send a companion to make a supply run and buy those for you.
What i'm saying, is,supply lines,ordering companion parties to do specific stuff instead of just roaming around.

Clan Roles, Vassal Clans.
The clan role system is a fantastic idea. But for now, it's too crude.
As i said before, you could make an character that doesn't have charm. but have a fantastic Diplomat that take on the function for you. You could be a brilliant fighter, but you need an expert Tactician to take on those simulated battles and to apply those bonuses in combat. Maybe, a Spymaster, that will take on missions you could send companions on,to getter information on other kingdoms, and that will have a role of helping to STOP enemy kingdoms of spying on you.
One mod that i love is the Mentoring mod, and what i suggeste there could be taken here. A mentor role, that will teach you, or your companions, or all, or one specific member, an set of skills.
Again, i would need to brainstorm more, but the Clan Role system can be expanded for so much use. Even "Bodyguard" to choose what companion will always be on your side.
Maybe, "Champion" to allow this companion to represent you at things like tournaments and duels, for you may be a brilliant tactician and a master of economics, but doesn't hold yourself as a warrior. So, have a Champion to take your place.

One of the last things for now,, just like you gave us a way to form our own kingdom through merit, i would suggest giving us an way to promote Companions into Vassals, allowing then to create their own Clans, so you can grant Fiefs to then,and allowing you to truly create your own kingdom.
Of course, this could cause the ire of other nobles, seen you suddenly granting noble titles to small folk, but this could be a good trade off.

And, this may be controversial, but give us ways to marry\end other kingdoms. A Kingdom may be kept in memory, but if let's say, all the royal family of the Western Kingdoms are dead. Who will hold their banner? Stragglers?
As per the lore state for now, we are, in theory, holding the Banner that crown you as the true monarch of the lands. give us options to politically marry the leader of a faction and take over that facion. Or be even more villanous and marry into the clan of someone, and assassinate those above you to allow you to take over the clan.

There are so many options, i don't know which are already on a roadmap. Those are some thoughts i had on the last week of playing the game, and wanted to share here!

Again, sorry for any grammar problems, and thanks for the attention!

Ps: Maybe give us more to do on sieges instead of spamming trebuchet,maybe command a companion with high roughery and the right perks to infiltrate the city and poison their food sources? High charm infiltrators could use it to break the morale? Same to defenders, more options beside, bombarding each other for days.
Another thing i've thought and seen floating around.

Ruins. Castle Ruins and maybe "Settlement Ruins", infested by bandits, maybe specific and more developed bandits hideouts, with named leaders that can be sieged, invaded, taken by the player to start their kingdom.
The pre-requisite of having a Settlement to be able to create their kingdom is fair, but it would be nice if there were a way,other than maximizing trade to buy a Fief, to get a Fief without entering the services of another ruler.
And there comes the Ruins.
Old castles, that act like special bandit hideouts, that once taken, could be transformed into a Castle, or even a Town if you could position one on the map and make sense (Maybe, on the far southern deserts!)
And, someone questioned to me, who would be the villagers? Well,on my eyes, i would repeat the sameas it's said on dragon age inquisition.
"If we build, they will come".

On my vision, the villages on map, aren't the ONLY villages around, there are probably more housing on those fields we traverse, but not enough to be relevant to be called a village.
People go to villages, because they produce something more, they are near towns or castles. So the same could be said for an recently reformed castle.

Another idea, would be that, at the start of the single player game, SOME of the castles around the map are taken by outlaws, and may be reclaimed by the AI or the PC. Maybe, even give the Outlaws more personality, add some "Non-Kingdom" factions that can try and take\raid villages and castles.

I know that the crunch of the game is around the nobles and lords, and of course the BANNER. But adding more pieces on the board, giving more options is always a good thing.
There are some great suggestions in this post, some of which have been floated around before, some that are brand new. There are lots of little puzzle pieces that can come together to create an amazing experience, and suggestions like these are definitely needed.
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