Some suggestion about caravans and workshops

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Back in M&B: Warband, there is an option to order your workshops stop selling their products or stop buying materials in the local market, so you can buy them cheaper raw material and sell their products in other places, where their products may sell in a higher price and you may buy raw materials for a lower price. that's reasonable and what's missing in M&B: bannerlord 's workshop system. Further, in M&B: bannerlord, we got an option to own caravans, so, could you add some interaction between workshops and caravans? Like make players can order their caravans pick up the products produced by their workshops and sell them for a higher price in other places and buy raw materials for a lower price in other places and directly send them to their workshop when the caravan visit the city where they own workshops again.


I was trying to make a mod to do this as a proof of concept
but I am not a game developer nor UI design by trade so the quality is a bit ****
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