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Hello everyone...

First of all thx to the modders that created this awesome mod...i enjoy it very much

This Mod has changed a lot since i last played it...and i guess i'm not catching up with the updates.
So, i'd sincerely ask help from you.

I installed the Svn version,should be the latest one, when i start a new game, an error saying i have "wrong number of villages"
I have changed nothing from the game this normal?

I recall i used to have the choice to choose from lance recruitment and traditional warband recruitment, now that i can only have the lance recruitment when i start a game, is this normal?

i think i used to have the option to uncheck the weapon breaking stsyem ...though when i go to the "Mod preferrence" in game i can not see one,is this normal?

(And yes,i use warband 1.158 not 1.153)

Thank you for your time and please forgive me if these are asked already
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