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Hi everyone,

Just some QOL suggestions after my current playtrough with 1.6.2

-Fight on foot button (as an option for the horse in the inventory). With the option marked the horse is only used to increase party speed in the map and not deployed in combat. In my opinion it’s even realistic and it’s not an exploit because actually you are trading the leveling of “agility” in the map for faster party travel.

-Order garrison/party ledger buttons: by troop level and by type (infantry, cavalry…)

-Different weapons slots for battle and siege: For example add 4 new locked weapon slots, and add a label to the normal ones which can rotate between “always”, “battle” and “siege”. If the label is set to “battle” or “siege” one of the new slots is unlocked with the opposite label.

-Dead companion equipment should be gone for good or automatically recovered to player inventory. As is now, you can only recover the equipment of the deceased in the looting screen if you happen to notice his/her death in battle result screen. Cant' tell if it's WAD or a exploit, but is confusing.

-The remaining food in the main map interface should be noted in "days left" instead of "items left". A final value like the other ones in that interface.

Thanks for reading.
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